On the machine…

Besides cutting out fabric (and a little bit of flute teaching), this is what I spent the evening doing. It’s going to be the front, or perhaps the back, of this bag. I borrowed the pattern from my mom (bags are her favorite thing to sew that isn’t quilts), and she’s being rather generous in letting me use bits of her stash to fill in– I had a plain brown that I’d gotten to go with this, but it didn’t quite go with my fabric. (My mom is awesome!) Since this is fabric she can actually use, she’s probably going to get my leftovers as a thank-you…yes, I have fabric left over. At least a yard. This seems to be a common problem with me these days!

I’m excited that I finally get to use this for something, though, because the fabric’s been in my stash for probably 3-4 years now. I was originally going to make a dress from it, but I’m glad I never got around to it because it’s going to look so much better as a bag. And the colors are absolutely perfect for fall.

So I have one more piece to quilt–two, technically, though I think that part behind the front pocket with the cutouts is going to get just enough quilting to hold it to the batting, and hopefully hidden behind said pocket. And then I can start actual bag construction! Good thing too, because I need to get this done asap–forget Labor Day fashion “rules”, I’m more concerned that my poor warm-weather purse is literally beginning to fall to pieces! Oh well, I did get two years’ spring and summer use out of it…and since it’s just around the edges and especially the strap, I just might be able to find a way to recycle a bit of the fabric. I do need to make myself a new iPod case at some point, after all. (Because that is also falling to pieces.)

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