The BurdaStyle Book Project, part 4: The End

That’s right… I finished it this morning. (Around 1 AM.) And it will be shipped out this afternoon after work.

I’m having mixed feelings on the finished product, honestly– I like the styling of it, but I’m feeling somewhat like perhaps it wasn’t the best pairing of fabric to pattern. Things aren’t lying as smoothly as I’d like them to, at least on my sewing dummy. (I took a few photos for my own personal reference, though I can’t post them here for copyright reasons.) And with the bottom part of the coat, it’s not quite laying right with the lining either– it’s like the faux suede has just enough stretch and drape that it’s distorting when paired with the strictly-woven brocade lining. But there’s nothing I can do about it– I pretty much have to ship it today. And I’ve already put hours into this coat.

I’ll just have to trust that I’m being too overly critical of my own work, and hope that it’s what they’re looking for.

I’ll probably be posting again soon– I have a finished dress that I hadn’t posted yet from before when I started the coat (though I hand-finished the lining in the midst of this), and I finally made the final pieces for my “elements” jewelry project. In the meantime, I’m probably going to spend my workday plotting fall sewing– I have a bin full of fabric and pattern pairings, and an already-cut muslin sitting on my machine for a blouse from a Burda magazine. So I’m thinking that might be the project of the day– just need to get it fitted enough to see how it will work with the plaid I have in mind for it. And since it’s a muslin, I don’t care if it’s perfectly stitched.


2 thoughts on “The BurdaStyle Book Project, part 4: The End

  1. Yay for finishing! I can't wait to see what the jacket looks like. . . and your dress looks great. I'm half tempted to go out and buy the pattern today and make one for myself.


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