The BurdaStyle Book Project, part 3: Moving right along…

My plan all along for today was to pretty much sew all day and get as much knocked out as possible. I didn’t have much time at all to sew this week, except for Thursday night, which was when I stitched down that trim. This is how my sleeve turned out, and I think it’s pretty good! Except that I forgot to check which way the crossovers were going–so they’re the same on both sleeves except for mirror images like they probably should have been. Oh well…. I decided that leaving it would be the best thing, because ripping it off and starting over on the one sleeve would likely ruin it, and as long as it took me to iron that blasted bias tape and get it taped on, I didn’t want to cut a new one and start over!

So, as of today, the entire outer coat is sewn together.. Not bad, for basically starting with just the two front pieces and the back piece assembled.  I still have to sew the lining in, but I’m hoping to knock that out by next weekend. We’ll see how it goes–I actually will have several weeknights next week with reduced teaching loads, due to vacations and whatnot, so I’ll have more evening time than usual. But then, it’s also my annual week of vacation from the garden center job to teach flute at the middle school band camp hosted by the local university. (I think I need to work on understanding the meaning of that “vacation” thing…) So even though I’ll have the time, whether I have the energy and/or brainpower remains to be seen!

I probably could have gotten more done today. Except that the sleeves took me awhile, with all the pleating and pinning (and unpinning and re-pleating, in one case, since I pinned them inside-out! Fortunately, I realized that before I sewed it.) But look how good it looks!

And, well, I also got slightly sidetracked for a bit tonight… I was going to sew some more after dinner, but since I’d been working on it nearly non-stop since 10:30 before I stopped for dinner around 6 (except for lunch and laundry), I decided to leave it at the good stopping point of getting to the facings and linings. And I’m kind of getting in the mood to work on scrapbooky things again…

I actually did do some paper-cutting and basic page assembling about 2 weekends ago, because I was dogsitting. And this dog is the type who will drop slobbery balls right on top of your craft projects, so no way was I letting this coat anywhere near her! Besides, I still needed to trace out and alter the pattern pieces…which I did go home for several hours to do. So the scrapbooking is what I did at the house. And then, for the last couple of years, I’ve had a “scrapbook rewards” credit card as my one and only credit card. (No Joann’s one available at the time. Or now, when I’ve decided to move on to something else. Somehow, my mom managed to snag one when they did have it, and gets gift cards as a result. Lucky her.) Well, I’ve pretty much exhausted the interesting rewards on there, and have decided to close the account once I get my new card in the mail. But first, I cashed in all the points I’d built up that I could, and got a huge package this week of stuff like paper embossing templates, alphabet stamps, embellishy things (which I very, very rarely buy) and a couple of idea books. So the bug is definitely back now.

I had the thought today while I was sewing that I should go through my paper stash and get rid of all of the stuff I’m unlikely to ever use–a lot of my paper came from people who tried scrapbooking and don’t do it anymore, or those value packs of 100+ sheets that you can get sometimes at the craft stores. And while I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff that way for less money than I would have buying individual sheets, there’s a bunch that weren’t really my style. Not to mention some of the leftover paper from when I first started doing this in high school! So if I haven’t used it in about 12-14 years, it’s most likely not gonna happen. I’ve learned that when I’m actually in the mood to clean and/or organize, I’d better take advantage of it, because that doesn’t happen much. So I went through all of my patterned paper, and while I didn’t count individual pieces of paper, I pulled out enough to make a 2 1/2″ stack according to my seam gauge. (Probably a quarter of that is pink… I had a pretty significant amount of pink stuff from the paper stacks because I don’t use that very often at all– I probably got rid of at least 2/3 of that! And most of what I kept also had a good amount of other non-pink colors in the prints.) And I went through all of my stickers, too, and pulled out a bunch of those. I hardly ever use stickers anyway– I could probably get rid of the entire stash and not notice. But I’m not. Yet. I put a notice on Freecyle and am hoping someone is willing to take it!


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