Au revoir, Jane….

This is what I woke up to this morning– a huge tear right in the middle of one of the seams on the shorts I made as part of my BurdaStyle Jane pajamas! I knew they weren’t going to hold up a super-long time, because the first time I washed them, I noticed that the seams were fraying rather badly despite the pinking that I put on them. So this really isn’t fixable, because it’s not so much a tear as that the fabric has literally frayed down to the stitching and beyond. I’d hoped they’d make it through the summer, at least…oh well.

So I’m going to treat this as a learning experience, and this is what I’m taking from it: First, if the fabric is this easily frayable, I really need to take the time to finish the edges. (My serger was in the shop when I made these, admittedly, but some zigzagging might have helped nicely.) Also, I probably should have made this one size larger–the top fits decently, but the shorts were just a liiiiiiiiittle bit on the snug side. So I think a reprint of the pattern is in order.

Though I am a little on the low side as far as my stash of summer sleepwear goes, I’m not crushed….they were cute, but it was just fabric from my stash that, as I said before, I’m not really sure what possessed me to buy them. And, I mean, they have pink on them. So I think I can consider this a muslin and just use a better print the next time. 

In jacket-sewing news, it’s progressing… I’ve slowed down a bit this week because of some bias tape trim issues. Namely that suedecloth makes awful bias tape. The edges just don’t press under that well, and it doesn’t curve all that great. I had to completely change my original sleeve embellishment idea because the fabric simply would not accommodate it. But more on that later….as of now, the front pieces and the back pieces are sewn together, but the front and back are not sewn together, and the trim is all taped onto the front and sleeves (with a water soluble tape– not quite the same brand that Oonaballoona recommended, but this stuff will dissolve if I ever need to wash the jacket, so that’s good.) So I need to stitch that down before I can go any further. I’m hoping for a really good sewing day on Saturday, so we’ll see how it goes!


4 thoughts on “Au revoir, Jane….

  1. I also have to sew the jacket, same kind of fabric. I agree, bias tape does not work out of it, it is too thick, my hands are sore. I haven't sewn such think fabrics in a looong time. I wish I did a muslin like you did. I should have lengthen the arms and the bodice, I have a long torso and the waist line ended up being above mine, the sleeves too short…lucky my design had some cuffs on the sleeve ends. Did you alter the pattern in that regard? Good luck with the sewing


  2. The body of the coat fit me pretty much perfectly without any alterations. I did have to alter the sleeves, though, because I have long arms. I think I added something like 1.5″ before I even cut the muslin, plus a little bit of extra height on the sleeve cap because I'm adding some fullness there, and the raw edge of the muslin ended up hitting almost exactly where I wanted the finished edge to be. So I added even more hem allowance to the pattern before cutting out the real thing.

    Looking forward to seeing your version, Mirela!


  3. Yup. lesson learned for me with the sleeves length…and also my torso length. After adding the shoulder pads the sleeves became even shorter and the waist raised up even more. Now I will be tying the belt around my ribs cage…Hopefully this will make my legs look longer 🙂
    P.S. I discovered yesterday that lots of steam makes pressing a whole lot easier. Vogue book said to use a piece of self fabric if any pressing was to be done from the front side. I'm pretty sure you know this by now…


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