Secrets revealed…

As several of you probably already know, BurdaStyle revealed today that they’re going to be making a book! (You can read the announcement here.) It’s a really great concept– five patterns (designed by Alison Dahl Kelly, who was one of my favorite designers from her season of Project Runway, so yay!) along with instructions and ideas for how to vary the patterns.

I’m thrilled that the announcement is finally out…I may have alluded once or twice to a secret project that I’ll be working on in July, and now I can say that I was selected to make one of the variations! We were asked what our preferences were out of the five types of patterns that would be created, and after being asked to do two sketches for each of two types, I get to do a variation of my first pick, which was the coat pattern. (You know me, I love my jackets and blazers!) I have my fabric, and am just waiting to get the pattern– I think it’s coming out this weekend.

I have permission from BurdaStyle to document the process on here, so that’s what I’ll mostly be talking about over the next couple of weeks. Though hopefully I’ll have a finished project to show beforehand, since I have all but the hem done on the dress I’m working on.


4 thoughts on “Secrets revealed…

  1. Congrats, lady! What an exciting opportunity. Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately — online time has been quite restricted. Can't wait to see what you've got cooking!


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