Me vs. the flowery explosion, part 2

And the saga continues! As you can see, taking the sleeves off did help a lot. (As long as you ignore the tank top I’m wearing underneath. Too lazy to change.) Now it’s not so much “bad girls of the Regency era” and a bit more 60s flower child, which is a little more like what I had in mind to begin with. Still not the most flattering fit on me, I have to say…I feel like it looks boxy and huge, and I kind of wish the sash was a darker color. But the orange would have been too much to match, and that weird coral color would have come off too pink in any solid I could have found. (It really is more of a reddish coral color, but I probably would have had to go with a salmon. I am not a pink girl, as anyone who has been reading this blog for any stretch of time knows, and this fabric was a bit of a stretch for me to begin with!)

If I cut it to about this length, though, it might not be so bad…

The armholes are still a bit of an issue– I had trouble showing just how gappy they are when the shirt is on, but you can see the ripples. I do think I probably need to take it in there at least half an inch. Also thinking that the easiest bet might be to just suck it up and bias bind it like the pattern called for in the first place. Though maybe if I use some more of that seafoamy green, it won’t be such the shocking pop on the sash.

Not sure if I’m going to get to playing with it today– I’m just feeling really tired and headachey this afternoon, I spent the morning running errands, I’ve got a total experimental biscotti recipe in the oven that I decided to try spur of the moment (I had to turn it on anyway to make cookies for my dad for tomorrow, at his request), and I’d already decided to grill dinner tonight. I’m not motivated to work on my jeans muslin, either. So I think once the biscotti are done, I’m just going to cut out my next sewing project, since that’s relatively brainless compared to tweaking fit. (Besides, cutting is one of those things that I need to take advantage of having actual motivation. One of my least favorite parts of sewing.) And then just play video games the rest of the day. Because I got myself a Wii this week, and it’s Saturday, and I can, darn it!

But I am hoping that I can finish this top, the jeans muslin, the next project (a maxi-dress) and maybe a reconstruction that’s been simmering in the back of my mind all summer, by the end of the month. I have a secret project for July, which I can’t actually start yet. And it would be nice to get these couple of things taken care of first!

7 thoughts on “Me vs. the flowery explosion, part 2

  1. I was surprized to see you making this shirt.. its very different from the things you usually make… which isn't a bad thing! Just different…if you keep it, I think it looks much better shortened… if you remake it.. it would make a darling floral quilted tote or handbag.


  2. Yes, this top definitely is different from the garments that you usually make. It is looking better. I'm beginning to like it! Bravo for hanging in there with it! I bet you'll like it better once you take a break.


  3. Style-wise, I don't think it's that much of a stretch for me, since I do tend to go for things with a bit of a hippie vibe to them. It's more the print/color than anything else, since usually I tend to go a lot more graphic. And, um, blue and/or green. Hoping to get some time to work on it some this afternoon, so you might be seeing the finished product soon (hopefully it'll look good in the end!)

    Angelia– that's a good idea. I do have about a yard left that I need to use, too!

    Oona– thanks for the blog link! I like what I saw on her blog so far.


  4. It's always good to step outside of your comfort zone from time to time. . . and the shirt looks nice on you. . . though I have to agree that it looks better a little shorter. Did you ever mention what pattern you used? Or did you come up with this one on your own?


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