I have a bad feeling about this…

I have to admit, I’ve been having a great deal of difficulty getting motivated to sew over the past couple of days. I think part of it is my ongoing frustration with my inability to get my jeans muslin to fit properly– no matter what I do, the front crotch just refuses to work. I’m seriously at the point where I’m so tempted to just deconstruct the relic-from-high-school jeans that still fit and try cutting around them and see if that gets me anywhere. But part of it is the current project that I’ve been doing on the side, too. It’s a somewhat different color scheme for me, which could be part of it….but if I believed in this sort of thing, I’d think that the universe was trying to tell me something. As in, “this shirt sucks.”

I mean, maybe it would be ok as a longer dress, if I was in Little House on the Prarie. Or “Jane Austen Girls Gone Wild”. Or if I was about 15 years younger than I am now. It’s just something about the combination of the print and the style that is completely not working. Not to mention the fit is pretty atrocious, despite my tweaks. Or possibly because of them. (And trust me, it looks much, much better on Donna than it does on me.) So I think I’m going to have to call this one a wadder.

On the plus side, the top and bottom of the bodice did end up in the right places. So at least I was on the right track. And at least I thought to try it on to test the look before I did all of the annoying handwork things.

I might consider trying the pattern again, with some serious tweaking (and perhaps a solid-colored fabric), because it does have a sleeve option that I really like. I don’t want to admit total defeat on this fabric, so I think I’m going to take this one apart, salvage what I can of the material, take that yardish piece that I have left, and see if I can just make a better-fitting tank top. Or at least something that doesn’t make me look like I’m going to party like it’s 1799.

Edit, 6/18: Thanks for all of the feedback so far! I’m going to try taking the sleeves off and tweaking the side seams a bit to see a) if the style/print combo works better without those sleeves and b) if having a closer fit helps the armhole issue. I’ll keep you posted…just have to get a new memory card reader for my computer first, since the USB port completely snapped off at last! (It’s been threatening to do so for awhile now…)


8 thoughts on “I have a bad feeling about this…

  1. That is too beautifully constructed to be a fail. Can you take off the bottom and replace it with a longer piece in a solid to change the top into a dress? I think that would make it a little less Little House.


  2. A big part of the problem is that the fit at the top is pretty bad– the armholes gap horribly under the elastic sleeve bits, and the elastic shirring at the top of the bodice is far from snug. The one good thing is that my estimate on the shoulder seams was pretty much right on. As was my guess on how much I'd have to add to the bodice to make it fit me and still have the empire waist seam in the right place. It's a shame, really–I think the construction really is much nicer than the pattern called for. (I had to add a lining due to the fabric being a little too see-through, and so it's much nicer looking inside than the foldover casing and bias tape back neck finishing would have been. Ugh. They wanted that on the armholes too. Double ugh.)

    Aside from that, I'd have to see if I could find something solid that would work with it– it's kind of a silky, almost microfiber-feeling poly, and I had a heck of a time even finding something solid to compliment it for the sash!


  3. Good suggestion, Gwen! I'm also seriously thinking of swapping out the bodice entirely– maybe a surplice bodice with some more of the green to trim, like a kimono-influenced look.


  4. Yeah, I have to admit my first thought upon seeing the picture was “Austen”. Not that it's a bad thing; I adore vintage looks. But I agree that, fit issues aside, this definitely deserves to be re-attempted in a bold solid, perhaps a kelly green? oooooooh, that would be pretty.

    Also, is the wide band optional? While it certainly draws attention to the bodice, replacing it with some less obvious detailing might cut down on the “innocent little girl” look a bit.


  5. Heather– ooh, kelly green would be nice! I like the way you think. 😉 And the wide band actually was not given as optional– I'm sure it could be left off, but it attaches to the tiebacks (which for me would be necessary to keep it from looking like a sack.)

    Alviana– it's mainly the fit, which I may be able to tweak. But the pattern/print combo also seems rather iffy to me.

    Hana- Perhaps, though I'm not sure I have any friends close enough to my size to give it to!


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