The Elements Jewelry Series, part 3: Water

Third element down! The necklace has actually been done for about a month, but I only finished the earrings last night– it took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to do them, and I originally had a different idea, so…yeah. This one was fun to put together– I basically just dumped a bunch of blue, green, and clear beads in a container and randomly strung them together.

I knew I wanted to make a multi-strand necklace for this one, since it would give kind of a wave-like effect. And I did something a little different for me–I had these “focal clasps” in my stash that are meant to double as a pendant. And when I spotted the pattern on these when digging through recently, I realized they would be absolutely perfect for a water-themed piece! It’s a little odd for me letting the clasp hang in the front, but I’ve gotten several compliments on the necklace so far. (I’ve worn it a couple of times on its own without the unfinished earrings.)

Once I abandoned my original earring idea, which involved twisting several strands of seed beads together with one of those cones and would have been a pain in the butt to get on an earring hook, I decided to just pull these as-of-yet unused chandelier earring forms from the stash. I could get all artsy here and say that the teardrop shape is meant to represent a droplet of water, but in actuality, it’s just that these looked like they’d work better than the figure-8 shaped ones that I had! (Besides, water droplets are actually round.) I actually was thinking of ice for the larger crystal beads in the top of the teardrop–some of those are in the necklace. I’m still not totally sure it worked, but those looked a lot better than the smaller beads that are in the dangles.

So now I just have one element to go, and it’s going to be the most challenging for me–after all, “fire” colors aren’t ones that usually end up in my wardrobe! So I’ll have to dig through my stash and think pretty hard about that one.

Other news: As you can see, I’ve changed the background. Again. Blogger made it easier to do so, and I liked this one. It looks like funky printed fabric. The sad thing is, I’ve lost my scrolling sidebar for the finished projects. Again. So now I need to figure out how to fix it again, and the html is being uncooperative. I really wish sometimes that I was better at editing these things.

Also, yesterday was a pretty frustrating sewing day. The jeans muslin still isn’t working, and I’d decided to make curtains to go in the front of my closet once I’d taken the muslin as far as I could. And then discovered that I must have underestimated how much fabric I needed, or used it up in my quilt or something, because I didn’t have enough! So I went to Joann’s and got more this afternoon, and it’s currently in the washer, so once I dry it, I’m going to whip that up. (I have clip rings for this one, and the print goes all the way to the selvedges, so I literally only have four hems to sew and they’re done.) I could have worked on a shirt I’m making, but at that point, I was so annoyed that I figured I’d make a bunch of stupid mistakes. So I did some much-needed cleaning instead. (Well, that and finished the earrings.)

Oh, and look at this jacket pattern that I found! I  couldn’t pass it up. Though I have no idea what fabric to use with it yet, since every recommended thing on the back is wool and my sensitive skin can’t put up with that– I literally get prickly irritated skin just from touching the stuff, let alone wearing it! (One of the prime deterrents for me and yarncraft–too many of the cool yarns are wool or wool blends!)


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