A 2-for-1 finished project post!

First up: my finished plaid button-down shirt!

The plaid shirtings, when I bought them from Fabric.com, were all given boys’ names. This one was the “Mason” plaid, but I’m going to call this my “happy camper” shirt– it just looks like that sort of style. I finished sewing the buttons onto this one on Tuesday. Or was it Wednesday? Oh well, doesn’t matter, it’s done!

Just to recap, I made this one based off of New Look 6407–my third shirt from this pattern. Though I made some tweaks to it, mainly in terms of the sleeve. (By the way, the giveaway for this pattern is still open, but only until Monday! I’ll pick the winner on Tuesday. So if you’re interested, comment away!)

I am so happy with how the sleeves turned out–exactly how I’d envisioned them! I’m still learning how to manipulate and alter patterns without tweaking-as-I-sew, so the fact that I was able to draw out this sleeve, sew it together, and have it look just like what I wanted is pretty huge for me. I’m also glad that I went with these shell buttons instead of plain shirt buttons like a plaid shirt would usually have– I think it makes it just a little more interesting. (And a little less lumberjack-ish. I guess I’ll be saving that one for the other plaid I bought from the same sale! Though “Ayden” isn’t really a lumberjack name…)

The second project is a bit of a cheat.  I mostly finished it last August–it was intended to be a part of my mini-wardrobe experiment. But since I decided I didn’t want to bother with adjustable straps (and honestly, with the hardware for that I was able to find, I really didn’t think it would work with the thickness of the sewn straps), I did the construction a bit differently and it resulted in this funky batwing effect. I’d already picked a bit of the binding off with the seam ripper, so all I did last night was gradually take in the top of the side seams about 1/2″ each, took 1/2″ out of the binding, and sewed it back together. I think it made a pretty significant difference! And now I can finally take this one out of the mending pile and start wearing it. (Actually, for me, 10 months to get to that is pretty good!) I’m hoping that the pleats hang a little better on me than they do on my perpetually-crooked mannequin…poor Donna.

One final note on the jeans fitting class: my muslin still has a lot of work to go. The teacher, Jennifer Stern, has been very kind and helpful about my plethora of questions! Where it stands right now is that the thighs fit pretty well (yay!), the back crotch is in pretty good shape, but the front still needs a good bit of tweaking–I’m getting these weird wrinkles, and actually have too much room in the front for my stomach! She gave me some suggestions in the chat last night for how to handle it, so I’m hoping to test those out and see if they help. Once I finally get the crotch fixed, the next step is going to be to make it a higher-rise jean…covering my underwear is good. And then I get to work on all of the fun that’s going to be actually getting that waist to fit, which was my main incentive for taking this class in the first place–the hope of jeans that fit that I don’t have to wear a belt with! Belts certainly have their place, but since my style is generally more longer, tunic-style shirts that stay untucked, I really hate the look of a bulky belt buckle under my shirt!

So the plan for today is to work on that muslin some more, and then hopefully start sewing my next project, which I cut out on Tuesday. Oh yeah, and do some cleaning, because my best friend is coming over tonight so we can catch up/do some crafty stuff (at this point, I’m thinking I’ll be making more bracelets for Wendy while she’s here–it’s quieter) and watch Doctor Who. I guess I should get on that first!


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