What’s on the sewing table….

First up: an in-progress look at my latest rendition of New Look 6407 (which is still up for grabs on the giveaway–the pattern, not this shirt!) I still need to sew down the facing in the back of the neck, add the sleeves, add buttons/buttonholes, and hem it. I was hoping to get some time to work on it today, but other things (which will be revealed in a few paragraphs) took precedence today.

Check out this plaid-matching job! Seriously! That’s the side seam and a back dart, and the stripes actually line up! It’s not perfect all the way up, of course, because there’s this dart that kind of throws off the groove, but still!

(And yes, Marmota, I guess I do have a bit of a thing for green! That and blue kind of fight for the top spot on my favorite colors list…it honestly depends on the shade, my mood on any given day, what I’m wearing, etc.)

Also, no, I didn’t pick this color so that I could camouflage myself against the wall!

And that other thing that took precedence today: the muslin for my jeans class on Pattern Review. Which I’m not posting pictures of me actually trying on, because then my blog would get flagged for inappropriate content. Plus my mom reads this.

Let’s just say that it needs a LOT of work. I’m using Jalie 2908, which seems to be the sewing blogosphere’s favorite jeans pattern ever. So far, the pattern doesn’t seem to like me so much! The good thing: I can actually pull them up over my legs, which is already a huge improvement over my first jeans pattern. The bad things: that gaping hole in the crotch is because the basting stitches snapped completely in the front as soon as I pulled it on, I can’t quite pin it together across the top to get an accurate idea of how the front fits (and honestly, my stomach is pretty flat!), I think the inseam might be a little too short above my knee, and even when standing, my underwear is quite obviously showing! Thus the lack of action shot. I posted to the class instructor, and she at least pointed me to what I should try to fix first…I’m thinking it’s a good thing I decided to go with 1″ seam allowances for fitting purposes, instead of the 3/8″ ones that the pattern called for! (She also suggested that part of the problem could be that I’m using non-stretch muslin on a stretch jeans pattern, and apparently I should have traced a size larger…I just don’t want to use stretch denim yet because they always gap in the back for me!)


3 thoughts on “What’s on the sewing table….

  1. I did some alterations to the muslin at the class instructor's suggestion yesterday, and it's already working much better. I just still need to do a significant amount of work on it!


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