What else I’ve been up to lately….

First of all, a note on the Jane pajamas…they do fit!! (Wearing them right now, actually.) Though I think that the next time I make them, I’m either going to have to add a little bit to the side seams, or use a fabric with stretch–there is basically no ease at all! Maybe I should have made a size up….oh well.

Other than that, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to lately. (Besides watching the Lost finale, which I’m doing as I type! On commercials, of course.) I didn’t design these bracelets, but I’ve been making several of them for my friend whose daughter died last July. She had a whole bunch of them made before to give out to the members of her rather large extended family, and is having a few more made to give to her daughter’s closest friends and her ballet class.  A heartbreaking job– I wish that my friend didn’t have to do this–but I’m glad I can do a little something to help her through her grief.

Aside from that, I cut out two muslins yesterday, and basted one of them together enough to realize that the pattern isn’t going to work on me without some reeeeeeeeally major tweaking. Like dropping the empire waist all the way down to my natural waist–it’s the type of empire-waist top that just doesn’t work on my figure, apparently. So I’m going to be making this particular plaid shirt out of my tried-and-true New Look 6407 instead. Hoping to cut that out tomorrow.


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