Darn you, Pattern Review!

I had my next several sewing projects plotted out–I even made a list at work the other day to figure out a good order to work on things in. I even started on that list yesterday (at least until I had to stop for reasons I will disclose later in this post), and then you just had to go and offer a jeans-making class! Which of course you knew I couldn’t resist signing up for, since I’ve been trying for what, 2 or 3 years now to get a decent pair sewn up? And especially drawing me in with that class outline saying that two of the topics covered would be denim selection (since that was probably the first major problem with the ill-fated jeans of last summer) and adjusting the pattern to avoid things like gapiosis (which is always a problem with my jeans, and the fit of the last pair wasn’t so hot overall either).So much for the best-laid plans….but at least I’ll (hopefully) get a successful pair out of this!

I also ordered this pattern, which I’ve heard a lot of good things about both from PR and from sewing bloggers that I follow. I’m hoping it will be nicer to me than this one, which was a resounding failure on me and didn’t even make it past the muslin stage. And let’s not talk about that self-drafted one that I had to make out of masking tape….it fit better, but was still somewhat disappointing. I guess that’s what I get for using “imperfect-but-basically-best-fitting jeans”, as I put it. Oh wait, I guess I just talked about it!

Well, the class doesn’t start until the 26th (which is fortunately after I’m done with band for the school year and will therefore have a little extra time!), so I’ve got a little bit of time. And as I said, I did start on some other projects. Like, for instance, I had an idea awhile ago to turn this sweater into a more summery cardigan. I picked it up at the thrift store earlier this year with the intent to wear it as a winter layering piece, but the open-knit parts of it made it not work quite so well for that purpose, and then I got one I liked much better off of the clearance rack at Kohl’s. So my idea was to cut this one up a bit, serge the edges to keep them from unraveling, and piece it back together so I’d have a shorter, waist-defined, short sleeved cardigan that would still preserve that cool zig-zag hem. The kink in the plan is actually my serger, sadly…I don’t know if it just didn’t like those more open bits when I was trying to go along the edges of the stripes in the chopped-off middle section to use as a waistband, or if something just went really weird in the mechanism, but I had to stop using it because one of the needles is now hitting one of the loopers. I replaced the needle twice (I had to do the first one because it broke), checked the instruction manual, cleaned it, oiled it, tested it again multiple times with just turning the wheel,and it’s still making that clicking noise and rather obviously hitting the looper. So I’m not really sure what to do with it at this point, other than take it to the repair shop! 😦 So I had to abandon that project for now, as I don’t have quite enough serge-edged pieces to start sewing it. But hopefully I’ll get this taken care of quickly, as I’d like to have it for my projects again soon!

On a brighter note, I did cut out a pair of summer pajamas today, which I just might be able to get sewn together quickly. Since I can’t use the serger right now, I’m thinking I can either zig-zag the fabric edges or just trim them with pinking shears to keep the fabric from unraveling. The latter might be more comfortable, actually, and since they’re just pajamas, I can probably be a little more lax on the inside finishing than I’ve been allowing myself to for awhile now. (And this one was on the planned summer sewing list— #7, to be exact. I did decide to go with the Jane pajamas, and it’s probably a good thing as I had barely enough fabric to do it! Particularly since I’d already lengthened the shorts…)

Oh yeah, and the black skirt is done as of Wednesday night. Or yesterday, I suppose, as that’s when I pressed the hem as the last detail. Just haven’t taken pics yet.


One thought on “Darn you, Pattern Review!

  1. The Jeans sewing class sounds awesome. And I like the look of the pattern you're planning to try. It looks very current. I'm looking forward to pictures when you get started.


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