Almost, but not quite, a skirt

First of all, thanks for all of the nice comments on the tutorial! I’m glad to know that people enjoyed it–and if you use it, I’d love to see the project!

I’ve ended up with an unusually light teaching week, between a few planned and some completely last-minute cancellations. So I’ve had a good bit of sewing time this week, and have been working on my Burda skirt. Which for the most part has been successful, but it still needs some tweaking. (I’m a bit disappointed, because I was hoping to get all of the machine work done today so I could do the handwork while I’m hanging out with Nicole this weekend!)

This is the first time I’ve been able to make a skirt since the Pattern Review class I took on skirt-fitting last fall, and I used my master skirt pattern to do a few fitting tweaks before I started. I think they did help, since it’s not as big and gappy at the waist as usual. Though I wouldn’t exactly call it snug-fitting yet either, and it might need to be taken in a bit more. I’m thinking that once I get through some of this summer stuff, maybe I should make a skirt straight from the master pattern and make sure that’s ok!

Also, please ignore the mirror…apparently I need to clean it.

The main difficulty right now is the hip pockets. (I tried to take pictures of it while I was wearing it, but it was too dark.) As you can see, they kind of bulge out funny. I’m hoping that taking in the seam at the hips just a little more will solve that problem–the other thing I need to figure out is whether to take in the waistband a little more while I’m at it, too. Actually, I may need to partially redo the waistband altogether, since I attempted something a little different with the facing and I’m not quite sure it worked.

You can see the bulging even better from the back. My hips aren’t quite so….pointy. (And ignore the blue thing– I used a hair clip to keep the waistband properly closed, since I have no hooks and eyes on there yet.)

I did screw up the instructions just a little bit–apparently I was supposed to put the zipper in as part of the waistband, but I put the zipper into just the skirt part. (That’s what I get for completely ignoring the instructions after deciding I could find better ones for the pockets elsewhere!) The waistband wasn’t quite additionally long enough for a real overlapped waistband with hooks and eyes, and I didn’t have enough fabric to cut a new piece, but I think it’ll be ok. I just didn’t want to redo the zipper, because it’s definitely one of my better invisible zipper jobs!

It’s good to finally be able to start applying some of what I learned in the fitting class, though as I said, I think I’m still going to need to work on this pattern a bit. On a sad note, I’m glad I took the class when I did–the instructor on PR, Shannon Gifford, passed away from cancer recently.


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