I’m ahead of my time, apparently.

First off: Happy Easter! (What’s left of it, anyway.)

Second: My apologies to everyone that I’m regularly in contact with through here, as I’m rather behind on reading and even more so on commenting on all of your blogs. Since going back to my third job, my computer time has been cut back quite a bit, but I am still lurking and following what you’re doing and will comment as I can!

I was briefly browsing on Modcloth this evening, looking for a particular top that is serving as partial inspiration for my current sewing project so I could save the picture. While on there, I stumbled across this dress:

Their “Island In The Sun” dress.

I can’t help it…something about the seaming detail with the midriff panel, the gathery waist, and the tie-dyed colors really, really makes me think of my Titania dress from about 2 1/2 years ago.

From sew and so

Though I have to admit that I like my version better. The wider straps and the longer skirt make it a lot more wearable for me (Modcloth has some cute stuff, but man, their dresses run short!) Plus mine has shiny stuff woven into the fabric. 😉

Other than that, let’s see… I made some paper yesterday, which still hasn’t dried, and is partially a fail, but I’ll blog about that more later. I finished some hand-sewing detail on my current shirt project tonight, and can therefore get back to actual construction. I also finally tried out the Kansashi In Bloom book this afternoon (a craft I could bring along to my grandparents’ that wouldn’t take very long and would still allow me to talk to relatives), and it was pretty fun.

Also, I decided to go back to the Blogger-sanctioned template….it won’t be as pretty, but it’s way more functional. I’ll just need to work on a new banner for the top so I can at least customize from there. (I did figure out how to get the scrollbars back in, and edit the background, so that’s something, right?)

And now, off to bed.

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