The Elements Jewelry Series, part 2: Earth (and an informal poll)

Let’s do the informal poll first, to get it out of the way. I’m still having absolutely no luck with fixing the sidebars, and the creator of the template doesn’t seem to be answering my blog comment to ask about it. So I wanted to ask those of you that are kind enough to read this blog in the first place what you think I should do about it. Are the ridiculously long link lists in the sidebars too annoying to deal with? Would this be more reader-friendly if I went back to a regular Blogger-created template and tried to customize it from there? Or, to keep the look, should I put a limit on the number of finished projects links, at least? I still like the look, but the sidebars are kind of bothering me. As is the fact that I have to double-space all paragraphs to get it to read right (at least on my computer.)

Ok, on to the crafty fun stuff. I finished this up last week, but didn’t have a chance to take photos until today.

So this is my “Earth” set. I knew I wanted it to be kind of chunky-looking, and to use a lot of stone beads. I mixed in some copper, too (the “earthiest” looking of the metals I could have used, I thought), and some glass beads because it needed a bit more brown.

Isn’t this pendant great? It’s been in my stash for awhile–I think I was subconsciously saving it for something cooler than the fake suede cord that came with it in the kit. These chip beads were pretty much the perfect color scheme to go with–a mix of tans and browns and greens (hey, plants grow in the earth, it counts, right?) I did buy the copper beads, just because I didn’t have any in the stash. And I’m particularly proud of that coiled bit of wire that holds the pendant on–I had to DIY it, because my original plan of stringing the beads on a very thin leather cord so I could knot it through the hold didn’t work at all! The chip bead holes were just a little bit too small, and I was having to hand-drill them all out with a reamer to (mostly) get them to fit. And then I discovered that I’d rubbed the reamer smooth (and therefore useless) before getting a third of the way through the necklace! So it was time for a plan B.

I had to cannibalize a pair of earrings to go with. I’d bought these cool stone drops that were the same type of stone as the pendant–I’d thought that since there was a rather large hole in the middle of the teardrop, it would make them light enough. But when I tested one, that wasn’t the case. Now I have to figure out what to do with four of those things…rats. Anyway, this was a pair I’d made to go with a necklace that I gave to my mom for Christmas one year. Since then, she’s stopped wearing earrings altogether, so she gave her entire earring collection to me. I didn’t change much–the beads at the bottom were originally smaller and black. But maybe now I’ll actually get some use out of them!

I have been sewing, too. I got a pretty good chunk of the darker green previous test version of the Burda shirt serged together on Saturday. But I wanted to make this one look different somehow, so I wouldn’t have two virtually identical shirts in two different shades of green. So this is part of how I’m (hopefully) going to make that happen. A bit tedious, doing all of this hand-pleating, but I’m hoping the results will be worth it!


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