A few updates

      1. Still trying to get used to this layout– I like the look of it, but I’m not sure if I can keep it. I still haven’t figured out how to get the scrolling element back into the sidebar, and I’d like to keep the “Finished Projects” list intact, at least. Of more concern at the moment is that I’ve discovered (from posting and re-posting this particular post) that a lot of the word-processing doesn’t translate well. Like, say, italics. And bullet-point or numbered-lists. Or paragraphs that I don’t put multiple line spaces between. Any suggestions from some of you more html-savvy people would be greatly appreciated!! Or should I just go back to a Blogger template? (They’re so boring, though….)

      Ok, on to the crafty stuff.
      1.  I’ve been (slowly) working on the next necklace in the Elements series, for Earth. It’s taking awhile because I’m having some trouble with having to enlarge holes in quite a few of the beads as I go. So I’ve just been working on it a little at a time. I hope the result is worth it!
      2. I haven’t had a ton of time to sew this week, but I did get the real fabric for the Burda top cut out. (Of course, I remembered later this week that I completely forgot to adjust the pattern for the fitting adjustments I made to the muslin….need to do that.) I did get the pleats sewn into the front, so since it’s not a major fitting adjustment, I’m kind of hoping I can get it sewn together the rest of the way this afternoon. I swapped a good portion of my wardrobe out for warmer-weather clothes this morning, and realized it’ll go pretty much perfectly with the sunflower skirt I made last summer! So if I can get it done today, I can wear it to church tomorrow while we still have lovely 70-degree weather. (It’s supposed to get cold again next week. Boo.)
      3. Also did some shopping earlier this week, since Kohl’s was having a pretty big sale. For the most part, I did a good job of sticking with my list of wardrobe holes…
           –Though I’m mostly making work-friendly short-sleeved shirts, I did splurge on one with a fun-colored print and embellished waistband. (And some jewelry to go with the bracelet I won. I didn’t really have anything antique gold. Oh, and I got some free wide belts–one on a pair of pants I got, and one from a pair of pants that my mom got. She doesn’t like belts, so she passed it on to me. I’ll need to add some extra holes, but I’ve been wanting to try that belt-over-clothes look anyway!)

            —For some layering options, I found some shorter-sleeved cropped cardigans in white and chocolate brown. (Also found a nice, non-boring long-sleeved black cardigan for cooler spring days and next winter on the clearance rack. Nothing for spring there, but I have an idea to reconstruct something I already had to cover that.) I’ve seen a lot of ads lately with denim jackets layered over things (often with rolled-up sleeves), and I do love my jeans, so I did also get one of those. Yeah, I could make one, but the sleeves were actually long enough and it was on sale anyway, so I figured that this time it would be better to focus my sewing attention on other things.

             —I failed to find a pair of khaki pants that worked on me, but I did find two pairs of black. And I do wear black pants the most, and they were somewhat different silhouettes, so I’m covered there for now. And I did pick up a new pair of chocolate brown capris–my brother and sis-in-law talked me into helping out with the tech crew at my church, and I need to make sure I’ll have some options for things to wear that aren’t skirts for the weeks I get put on camera–it’s on a raised platform, so probably even long skirts wouldn’t be a good idea for that! (I already have a nice black pair, too, so hopefully between those two things I’ll be covered. I can still wear my skirts to teach in, at least.) Didn’t even try looking at jeans or skirts–I’d still like a boyfriend-cut jean, but the more recent Goodwill runs have left me with enough bootcuts that I won’t be hurting for things to wear on the weekend. And even though I ditched the patterns that I tried for the last jeans attempt, I haven’t given up on the thought of sewing the perfect-fitting pair of jeans. I just need to do a better fitting job with the muslin next time. And maybe use a pair of jeans that don’t have wonky things happening with the fly for my basis. As for skirts, those are quick sewing projects…and I need to test my sloper sometime, right?
                —Though this wasn’t on the Kohl’s trip, I did find a couple of pairs of sandals on sale at ShoeMall.com–a flat black one (which, so far, is quite comfortable), and a silver gladiator. Yay! Also attempted to get a pair of boots…they were having an email-only sale discount, which was actually my motivation to order them from there. But the curse of the wide feet struck again–the foot actually fit fine on this pair, but the part around my calf was ginormous! So I returned them to try another pair that specifically said on the site that it has a normal-sized shaft. (Unfortunately, that means I have to pay full-price on the boots, which, of course, is about a hundred dollars more than the combined price of the other two sandals. Sigh.)

        So that’s what’s going on in my corner of the crafty world right now. And I’m pretty much done lunch, so off to sew! Happy first day of spring!


        2 thoughts on “A few updates

        1. Sounds like a busy week! and some good finds on sale… I scored a great AE pair of jeans at good will last week.. and a great jean jacket! Which ofcourse I will have to add 'something' to them…. I've been in the mood to thrift store shop lately.
          Happy spring to you too!


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