Under construction (again)

Playing around with a new blogger template…wanted something a little more creative than the standards they have to offer (preferably with a background that wouldn’t clash with all my pictures!) Liking this one so far…unfortunately, I didn’t realize that doing this was going to entirely kill my links lists and whatnot! Guess I have some work to do!

(Also, I didn’t create this layout at all… I believe credits are at the bottom of the page.)

Edit: Ok, got the finished projects link list transferred, finally… I’m having a heck of a time figuring out how to get the scrolling widget back in, though! It doesn’t seem to be working with this template. 😦 I think I’m going to take a break and cut a shirt out, because at least I know how to do that!


3 thoughts on “Under construction (again)

  1. Hey Becky,
    Love the new template! Super cool! 🙂
    That's neat that you tried climbing and like it! Believe it or not, my first bit of advice re. rock climbing would be to not worry about finger strength yet. Most beginners overgrip and that is why they get tired so quickly. Try to focus on using your legs to move your body up the wall rather than your arms (think of climbing a ladder – you don't use your arms to pull yourself up a ladder) and hang from straight arms (letting your skeleton, rather than your muscles, hold your weight) instead of bending your arms at the elbows and trying to hold your body close to the wall. Watch some good climbers to see how they hold and move their bodies.
    Basically, increasing your finger strength right now will only be able to make a small difference in how well your climb, and working on things like using your legs and hanging on straight arms will make a huge difference in how well you climb very quickly. 🙂
    Good luck and, of course, most of all, have fun! I love climbing – I think it's especially cool that it's not all about testosterone and raw strength – technique, flexibility and balance are just as important! 🙂
    I'll mention that my Mom is a professional violinist and she climbs, but she doesn't climb for several days before any concert, just in case she accidentally hurts a finger. Personally, across about 10 years of climbing, I have ruptured 2 pulleys in my fingers – so you can injure yourself.
    Anyways, I hope you have a blast! If you keep it up, you can sew yourself a chalk bag with your perfect fabric! I have a photo tutorial on my blog. And maybe someday we can go climbing together! 🙂
    Take care,


  2. I like this template. It reminds of of a personal scrapbook.

    It just worked out that I had a project to show for my 150th post. I'm lucky I even noticed I was at 149 before I posted it. hehe


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