the calm before the storm

That’s what this weekend is feeling like, anyway. Due to a fluke in my scheduling (I only have one student each on both Mondays and Fridays, and both of those girls canceled this past week and for this coming Monday as well) and a lack of social plans, I’m having basically 3 days completely off. (Being yesterday, today and Monday. Between church and flute orchestra practice, Sundays don’t feel like a free day at all!) I’m trying to take advantage of it as much as possible, because between going back to work at the garden center next week, upcoming music things with Saturday rehearsals, and other miscellaneous stuff, my free time is going to be seriously cut back again.

Yesterday was my sewing day, I guess…I spent most of the day making a muslin for the Burda knit top I want to make for this spring. I wasn’t going to originally, but spontaneously decided to yesterday. I’m glad I did…true to my normal thing, I had to take it in some at the waist, and that would have been a pain in the butt to try and fix once it was all serged together. Plus I raised the neckline some, which I think is going to work ok (I didn’t check it with the facing, so hopefully it will be!) And this way I got to test it with the pleats left open and stitched down, which is also a good thing, because stitching them down looks way better on me! (Since I don’t have a picture of the moment where I had it half stitched and half not, let’s just say it was very, very unflattering up top. And I kind of like the sleeker pintuck look of it stitched down better anyway.) The bonus is that this means I’m basically going to get two shirts out of this–since the cheapest knit I was able to get at Joann’s was a regular interlock with a 50% off coupon, and the basic cutting out and construction really didn’t take very long at all,  I’m just going to unbaste this one and then sew it together for real. Let’s just ignore the fact that I’ll have the same shirt in two different shades of green, ok? My kelly green t-shirt needed replacing anyway because it’s too tight up top and more low-cut than I’m really comfortable with for teaching. And I can chalk it up to expanding on my knit class, to see if there’s any real difference between this interlock and the jersey knit I was originally planning on using. Yes, I know what the difference is between interlock and jersey now.

Since my plan of making a wearable muslin meant I had to wait for the knit to go through the washer and dryer with the rest of the laundry, I also had time to more-or-less successfully alter a skirt! I made this one (original pic) back in 2006, from a wrap skirt pattern I drafted myself. It wasn’t completely awful…I was successful in getting a skirt that didn’t gape open horribly when I walked, and used the too-good-to-pass-up Indian border print to full advantage. My fitting up top was pretty bad, though. I’ll admit it. You can’t see it too closely in this before pic, but the fabric bunched up really badly above the wrap ties. Kind of the effect of one of those paper-bag skirts, but a lot worse-looking. (Not that I think that style would look very good on me anyway.)   Plus I kind of overestimated the width of the inside front panel, and part of the skirt also had to pull through the buttonhole for the wrap tie to make it fit.

Now, normally I’d just either chop a project like this into something completely new, or consider it a lost cause and give it to Goodwill. But in going through my stuff for my wardrobe project, I discovered that I do have a bunch of things that, with a little bit of alteration, can still be good for me to wear. Usually I’d rather just sew something entirely new than make alterations, but I still really like this fabric. So I took off enough of the facing to get to the back (couldn’t do it entirely due to the buttonhole), added a couple of darts, changed the angle of the front underwrap so I could move the tie over, and then made a new seam in the back facing to get rid of the excess fabric and sewed it back on. It looks like it’s going to fit soooooo much better now! So I guess all in all, it was worth the couple of hours.

Today, I was originally going to cut out and sew together the for-real version of the Burda top. But I reluctantly came to the conclusion that my sewing area needed some serious tidying up intead. You know, seeing as how I can’t get to anything, all my bobbins are tangled together, and every time I reach for a spool of thread I start an avalanche of patterns and Burda mags. So I’m doing a good bit of reorganization today. So far, I’ve managed to move the contents of my scrap bin to a less-readily-accessible bin (to free it up for things I’ll need to get to sooner), and I sorted through the other bins there so I could put the fabrics and patterns that I have definite plans for in the next couple of months together in an easy-to-get-to place. I’m also probably going to put the ones that I’m very strongly considering for fall/winter clothes this year in a slightly less but still easy to get to place. And I’ve got all of the orphaned pattern pieces in an envelope to sort into their proper places later, which is better than having them randomly shoved onto shelves in crumpled wads. And I also managed to clear out a bin to put the pattern envelopes in….just need to figure out what to do with the Burda mags and the couple of sewing books I have. I’m also getting rid of a significant chunk of my to-be-refashioned pile–either clothes that were mine or my mom’s or things I got thrifting with no specific plan for that have been sitting here for awhile. (Well, ok, not everything I don’t have specific plans for….but I really do need to use or lose a good bit of this before I can thrift more!) The big mess is going to come once I go back downstairs, because that’s when I have to deal with the piles on the floor and the sewing table and the ginormous mess that is my box of bobbins/trims/miscellaneous doohickeys.

I probably also need to deal with my room some too. I’m just getting tired of being surrounded by piles and clutter, especially in my room since it’s never gotten entirely put away since I moved into it. But I also hate cleaning–I’d much rather be making some kind of creative mess than cleaning it up! Oh well….I’ll just keep telling myself that this will be worth it once I have all of this mess straightened up and then I can spend my time sewing instead of hunting for bobbins or shuffling piles around! Maybe I can sew on Monday…


3 thoughts on “the calm before the storm

  1. I like the green top! I've got to start making my spring clothes, too. Hard to believe it's almost here. Then again, can you believe we're already in Daylight Savings Time?

    LOL, my word verification is “bilycoat.” I don't know why, but I just think that's funny.


  2. It looks like you are off to a good “Return to Garment Sewing”. The green top looks great. I hate to clean & sort, too. I think it's worth it. Of course, I immediately make another mess!


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