Curtain Call! Act 2: Success!

As of last night, both sets of the window curtains are done! I’m not completely off the hook with curtains yet, as I still need to make a pair to function as the doors for my closet (and probably a much better backdrop for my finished projects than what I’ve had!)

This is what the inside of the curtains look like–I was flipping through a book about sewing curtains at Joann’s one day while waiting in the cutting line, out of boredom. And there was this one set of curtains where they made them as tab curtains, but with the tabs on the inside instead of coming out of the top. I really liked that idea–figured it would be a much nicer finish, and it would be more likely to block the light at the top of the curtain rods. (Plus the added bonus of it not being quite as crucial if the tabs weren’t totally evenly spaced. Which they’re not– I couldn’t quite make it work in the middle, since I had to go with an even number of tabs.)

And the finished product, with a bonus: I finished sewing the binding on my quilt tonight (needed to keep my hands busy during the chat for the Pattern Review class, since it wasn’t constant typing), which means that the quilt is also finally done!!

I think the interior tabs make the top of the curtain pleat very nicely, actually. And while it’s not a total light-blocking effect like the curtains in my old room were (sort of…didn’t help that my bed was adjacent to the window and therefore I got hit full-force with the light at the edges), it is so much better than just having the shade there! (Especially since the shades are just a liiiiiiiiitle bit too short.) Actually, I think they also brighten up the room a good bit, since they’re overall lighter than the shades. And the stripey pattern is so clean and fresh–it makes me think of the sort of thing you’d see at a beach cottage.

Also liking the quilt with the curtains–it’s harder to tell in this lighting, but there’s just enough blue in the quilt (especially around the borders) to pick up on the blue in the curtains.

I guess technically, the curtains aren’t entirely done, since I think I am going to have to make tiebacks. But I’m going to let that sit for a few days to see.

And a bonus shot–closeup of the block with some of the quilting. It’s hard to tell in spots with the variegated threads, but it’s kind of a freehanded swirly design.

I desperately needed a break from interior design, so since I had a good chunk of free time today, I cut out and mostly sewed together a shirt! It needs sleeves still, which I just might be able to add tomorrow before my teaching run. But this is my easy get-back-to-clothes project, since it’s a pattern I’ve made before. And in a fabric that’s been sitting in my stash for at least two years, so I’m feeling quite happy to finally have a chance to use it up!


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