Curtain call! Act One: Math is not my friend.

So my main goal for this weekend was simple: knock out the curtains for my bedroom, preferably today so that I can use tomorrow to catch up on my homework for my knits class at Pattern Review, and then take Monday (which will probably be my last full day off for awhile, since I’ll be going back to work at the garden center soon and my only student of the day will be on vacation) to do something wild and crazy like sew something that I can actually wear. Simple, right?

Of course not. It’s now around noon, and guess how much I’ve gotten done? The tabs. That’s it. And I did most of that last night. Actually, I’m kind of at negative work done on these curtains, because I basted the tabs onto the curtain fabric and have to remove them all. Turns out that the lining fabric I broke down and bought for them earlier this week is nearly 4″ less wide than the curtain fabric. And of course, I based the tab measurements (which took me a good 30-45 minutes to figure out in the first place, since I had to keep shifting things around to get them about even) on the outer fabric. So now I have to not only rethink my entire method of construction in order to get the tabs even with the edges, but I’ll have to do the spacing math again. Arrrrgh!

(And here tab-top curtains are supposed to be one of the simplest ones to make… I think I’ve officially decided that I do not like making curtains.)

So I’m taking a break as I write this to eat some lunch and regroup. Then it’s back to trying to get as much work as possible done before I meet up with my best friend this evening to go see Alice in Wonderland


4 thoughts on “Curtain call! Act One: Math is not my friend.

  1. I agree on hating curtains! They are one of the easiest, and most annoying projects in the sewing world.

    I'm sure it'll be worth the hastle though. They usually are. =)


  2. I don't like making cutains either… Its just so boring. But I can not stand the thought of spending money on something so simple to sew… ofcourse I've never sewn tab curtains so I have no ideal if they are easy or not.
    Best of luck with your project.


  3. Hmmmm… now you know why I do the whole curtain wire/ curtain clip thing from Ikea — no tabs to plan for, just clip up some fabric. Well, good luck. No doubt the tab-top curtains will look great once all your math is done.


  4. Well, I think I've got it sorted now…I did finish one set yesterday. Have to sew the second on in their entirely, but at least I was able to get the east-facing windows curtained (read: block the morning light more!) Hoping to get the second window done this afternoon.

    Antoinette–that's exactly how I'll be doing the curtains that are to function as my closet doors. 😉


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