Almost there! (And Burda stuff)

This is the backside of my quilt…all I need to do is finish sewing on that binding (which I machine-sewed onto the right side today) and I’m done! Though it may take awhile, seeing as how I haven’t finished a side yet…

Besides this, I traced out several Burda patterns on Saturday– couldn’t work on my quilt since I spent most of the day with henna on my hair and I didn’t want to risk staining it, even though my head was covered. Traced out something like 6 patterns, all the ones in my planned summer queue. It’ll save me time when it comes time to cut out, but I think next time I might just trace them out as I need it, because I was totally mentally wiped from trying to follow the lines all day!

Speaking of Burda, I finally got my March issue today. It was…interesting. I’m generally not a fan of the wedding issues…the dresses are never anything I’d ever want to actually wear. Including as shorter, more everyday dresses. The worst out of the lot was this one, which pretty much just screams Swan Lake. (My friend Tracey–the one I made the Tardis for–recently got married, and on her blog for several months leading up to the wedding, she did a weekly feature called “Not My Dress”, in which she posted a picture of some horrendous wedding dress she found online, gave the reasons why that was not her dress, and then opened it up for her friends’ snarky commentary. This dress would be a prime candidate.) A close second was this suit. 80s-inspired, boxy, boyish in a bad way, ugh. The main portion of the magazine had some pretty awful things too. I’m trying to decide if the worst was this “shrest” (as dubbed by The Selfish Seamstress) or the Hammer-pants jumpsuit. Probably the jumpsuit, because anything that has to be completely stripped off to use the bathroom just shouldn’t be worn. At least not off the beach. Though I don’t like 1-piece swimsuits for that very reason.

There were some good things, though. The standout for this issue was this lovely wrap blouse, which I think will absolutely have to be made. If I’m in the mood to make a straight skirt anytime soon, this would be a prime candidate. (Let’s just completely ignore that hot pink monstrosity on top, which thankfully is not a pattern in this magazine.) And I’m thinking this dress could actually be fun, at least shortened as a tunic. (Though they need to rethink their definition of “contrasting”, because that obi belt is obviously in the exact same fabric as the dress!)

Ok, back to handsewing…


One thought on “Almost there! (And Burda stuff)

  1. Wow… thats some pretty fugly stuff burda put out.. I let my subscription go awhile back because I just wasn't useing the magazine, but I always look at it in the book store to see if theres anything I have to have.. so far nothing… and I don't even think I'll look at this issue…
    I do love and use my Burda's from the early and mid 2000's though!
    Tracing 6 patterns??? Just the thought of that makes my eyes hurt!!!


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