I forgot to mention…

I kind of spontaneously decided to sign up for another Pattern Review class. This one is all about dealing with knit fabrics, which really excites me because while I’ve gotten pretty decent at finishing wovens and making them look good, knits are something that’s still a bit tricky for me, even though it’s gotten a LOT better since getting the serger! Especially in things like hemming them, reconstructing them in situations where sometimes there’s different knit fabrics involved (and sometimes even some wovens), things like that. So I’m looking forward to learning about things like when to use the regular machine vs. the serger, what sort of needles I should be using, etc. Plus the class starts in February and ends in early March, which means the same timeframe as when I’m not working at the garden center again yet, and therefore I can probably stay on top of the classwork a lot easier than I could for the skirt muslin class! So I think I’m going to hold off on any knit-sewing projects until after this class. But that’s ok, because I’ve still got bibs to sew (cut out as of last night), a quilt to quilt, and a bunch of curtains to make.

Speaking of knits, I had a really odd dream last night–I dreamed that on Project Runway, the judges were making them include knitting samples along with their finished garments and judging them based on how well they did their knitting, and Michael Kors was saying something about they should be able to knit their own fabric or they weren’t really worth much as a designer, and he also commented about the girl that got cut that she could take some time to sit down and knit 2-3 times a week. And it was making me wonder if I should attempt to take up knitting again! Subconsciously, of course….now that I’m awake, I know I have enough crafty hobbies!


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