beading it old school!

I recently went through my entire stash of jewelry–partially to untangle the huge mess of necklaces in preparation for actually getting some organization going with those, partially to see if I could find the missing half of the pair of lapis lazuli earrings that I bought while I was in Chile. (I have a habit of buying jewelry as souvenirs. Yes, I did find the missing earring, thankfully.) While I was at it, I pulled out all of the jewelry that I really didn’t care if I kept or that had broken, separating it out into what I’m going to fix and what I’m going to cannibalize for parts. Most of the latter were things I made back in high school, so I thought it would be fun to do a little retrospective on some of my personal vintage crafts.

I used to do a lot more stuff with seed beads, though I prefer the chunkier ones now. But the black and white broken daisy chain necklace has a pretty funny story behind it. In my high school, there was this rule that you had to stay until the very end of the period for finals, no matter how early you finished. So knowing that my civics final was going to be ridiculously easy and I’d have lots of free time, I came prepared with this necklace that I was working on. (Figured I could still talk to friends and do that, as opposed to reading a book.) Apparently some of my classmates were fascinated by that…there was this one boy (the one that pretty much every girl in my class had a crush on at one time or other, because he was one of the better-looking and friendlier guys in the class) who asked me to show him how to do it, and then proceeded to make one of the daisies himself! Much to my amusement.

The black and red cat necklace was intended to be worn at Homecoming during my junior year, but didn’t work at all with the mandarin neckline of my Chinese-style dress. So I just wore the matching earrings instead.
And then these were some of the earrings I wore a lot, along with my go-to brown necklace back then. It’s hard to see, but the third earring from the left was a recycle job–one of my friends came to school one day and handed me a whole bag of jewelry that she didn’t want anymore, saying she knew I’d be able to come up with something crafty to do with it. I’d probably still wear that one if I had the other earring, actually, but that one got lost. Same with the black and silver ones next to it, but the larger black beads were plastic and the finish is chipping off from use now.

So I guess compared to my more recent jewelry, it’s easy to see how I’ve improved!


3 thoughts on “beading it old school!

  1. great memory story and especially about beading….I have been beading now for a while and find that I cannot walk by a bead I don't like but there is always a future in my mind for it and then I add it to my stash and like yarn do not always make anything with it but oogle over it… 🙂 I am a collector…thanks for the great post! DEbb


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