Recent happenings…

1. The big news: As of today, the quilt/bedspread top is done! I know these pics probably aren’t the best due to lack of natural light and such, and I still need to press the seams and trim the excess off the top and bottom borders, but I couldn’t wait.

2. As of Sunday, the future baby bibs are all screenprinted, though still awaiting heat-setting and other necessary things to turn them into actual bibs. Like, you know, cutting and sewing. In the process, I learned several things…
-Yes, Mod Podge/nylon screens can successfully be used a second time after washing. (Whew!)
-If you’re going to use them for more than one print in a sitting, it’s probably a good idea to check the side that will be touching the fabric for accidental ink blots before making that second print. (Oops.)
-It’s also a good idea to keep a small paintbrush handy to fill in any screening gaps.
-Screenprint ink works decently with rubber stamps, too. (I had the idea to try that for the lettered ones, since I did NOT want to make screenprints for all those little letter spaces!) However, it doesn’t coat very solidly, so that paintbrush will be needed again.

3. Once again, I’m rethinking my position on trying to make some handicrafts to sell. With different motives this time–ever since this earthquake happened in Haiti, I’ve been thinking it might be nice if I could do something like that on a nonprofit sort of basis. Like donate the profits to people who really need it. My church has gotten pretty involved in the last couple of weeks with an organization called Double Harvest that’s down there, due to some family connections. They’re hoping it’ll be a long-term involvement, since the earthquake is going to cause long-term issues in Haiti. And they’re also hoping to get involved in building some overseas orphanages in places that really need it, stuff like that. I think I’d feel more excited about the prospect of making something to sell if it was for helping with things like that–I can’t necessarily help with construction of buildings or give medical aid or anything like that, but it’s a way to donate my time and resources. (Plus I figure since the most likely thing I’d be able to do something with is jewelry, I could reap the benefit of using up the leftovers of my old projects and therefore do some much-needed stash reduction!) Definitely something to think about…


4 thoughts on “Recent happenings…

  1. Blogger won't let me go to your blog, Gail, so I'll just post the reply here. Thank you! I just finished up the actual quilting part earlier this week, and so I'm just down to putting the binding on. I'm excited to see how it'll look all finished (and, well, to get it done so I can move onto another project! I've been working on this one on and off since September!)


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