Crafty progress!

I actually did get a couple of scrapbook pages done over the last couple of days–ones that I’d had pretty much ready to assemble since last February. I think that’s the best way to go for me– just have all the writing and such ready to go, and then I can just sit down and throw them together quickly. Anyway, here they are.

Both of these are catching up from 2008– this first one is some nature-ish pictures from a park when I was hanging out with a friend. I had fun using the extra piece of the printed paper as embellishments.

And then this second was from a family trip to the beach, which was a little more time-consuming to get ready, mainly due to the little wood-printed paper frames that I made and the little crab sticker (barely visible in the corner.) The swirls were kind of a last-minute addition because it just needed something.

I’ve also managed to get the alterations done on both my dress that I’m wearing for next weekend’s wedding, and C’s bridesmaid dress. So here’s my current project–I’m trying my hand at some screenprinting so I can make some fun baby gifts for a fellow Lord of the Rings-obsessed friend. I’m using the Threadbanger tutorial on how to do it inexpensively with recycled nylons and Mod Podge. So far I’m still in the screen-making stage. Believe it or not, this is the less intricate of the two designs I’m attempting to screenprint! And it looks a little funny right now since this was the in-progress pic and I went around the tree first, so by the time I got to the outer parts, that was mostly dry. Obviously it needs a second coat to fill in the rest of those holes, since trying to go over most of them while wet before was just pushing the glue out of other holes and leaving new holes. (And don’t mind the blue smudge…I was experimenting with what to use to trace the designs onto the nylon with, and obviously it’s a good thing I didn’t go with that pen!) I guess now that I’m pretty much done eating lunch, I should get back to work–the natural light is being very helpful, and I’d like to utilize as much of that as possible while I’m doing the intricate outlining! But I’m looking forward to (and a little nervous about) seeing how these will turn out.

On a random note, new Project Runway! So far, it looks like this batch of designers is going to be way more interesting than last season’s. And I did like the winning dress from this week.


One thought on “Crafty progress!

  1. I really like the scrap book pages. I'm looking forward to seeing how your screen printing printing comes out. I got a YuDu machine for silkscreen printing recently. Although I've only gotten to play with it once so far.


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