A 2009 Retrospective

You know I had to do it. 😉 I’m really not feeling like this past year was a very good one for me in terms of craftiness, so let’s just write this post off as self-therapy.

1. 7 Things I hoped to accomplish in 2009 (revisited):

  1. I think it might be interesting to try to sew one of those mini-wardrobes– like the SWAP-type thing. (Though not for a contest for sure!) I’m dreaming very much of summer clothes as a result of this thought…

Even though I didn’t complete it, being a pair of shorts and about half a shirt shy of my original plan, and even though the pieces didn’t go together as well as I’d hoped, I did do this. So check.

2. I’m going to say that jeans-making goal again. I still need them. Even more so, since I ended up wearing holes in several of my older pairs as a result of my part-time job. (All the ones that remotely fit me in the first place…. go fig.)

Again, check. The fact that they didn’t survive more than five wearings tops is irrelevant.

3. At least START that jewelry organizer I’ve needed for years!

I did start it– I only did one page, but that still counts. Even though I’m probably not going to end up finishing it–if the Etsy seller I’ve been talking to comes through, I should have a new way of organizing those necklaces that will be a lot less labor-intensive for me!

4. Finish the grad school-era scrapbooks. If I have time to get caught up past that, great. But since 2009 will mark year 4 since I graduated, it’s time! Especially since I probably only have something like 10-15 spreads left between the two of them...

I don’t think I quite managed this one, seeing as how I really haven’t touched my scrapbook since, oh, February or so. But I did get a pretty good dent made in them during that last binge, so I think I’m something like 5 away from wrapping it up.

5. Fine-tune my organization plan to get caught up on these scrapbooks faster!

Now that I did do. I made a little checklist thing I could just print out, and have them on a little binder ring-type thing so I can see what I’ve pulled paper for, sketch layouts if I’m inspired to, etc. And my box thingy that I got at some scrapbook supply party last winter is a big help there.

6. Continue crafting more for others, either as gifts or as some kind of volunteerism for worthy causes.

I did do a fair number of gifts this year. And Susannah’s wedding was definitely a huge undertaking for someone else!

7. And I guess I should probably add make a sweater that I like on the new sweater machine!

That was a fail. Especially seeing as how I could never get the machine working right anyway. I really should try to sell that on eBay or something so I can recoup some of my losses.

7 Things I hope to accomplish in 2010:

You mean other than get my crafting mojo back? 😛

1. As already stated, I’d like to give myself a little bit of a style makeover, or at least give it a kick in the pants to make it fun again. Along those lines, I’d also like to start making more of a conscious effort to make sure I have things that will go with other things. The crafting translation is that I’ll need to either make or acquire (preferably make) some basics that will help to tie some of my beloved funky prints in better.

2. I’d like to sew at least 4 Burda mag patterns this year. That gives me an average of one every 3 months…not unreasonable, right?

3. I’d like to make a significant dent in getting caught up on my scrapbooks. I know this will be a challenge, since NOTHING from 2009 got done at all, and I still have a pretty good chunk of 2008 to do. And, if I were to be honest, stuff dating back to my earlier teenage years that needs to get put in something sometime, if I count transferring my pictures from the Jamaica trip I took between 8th and 9th grade out of that old-school magnetic album… (Thus the reason I’m not setting numbers… I have no idea at this point what constitutes a “significant dent”.)

4. I’d like to continue with trying to use more of my stash than I buy new, for fabric, paper and beads. (I think I did pretty well with the fabric, at least, this past year–the bulk of what I bought was stuff for my room, which was an unforeseen project at the beginning of the year.)

5. While I’m on that, I’d like to finish getting this room put together, including the sewing projects for it. Preferably sooner rather than later.

6. I’d like to continue working on learning how to alter and fit patterns. My specific goal for this one is to apply what I learned in last year’s skirt-making class to make both a skirt from my master pattern, and a well-fitting skirt from applying those principles to a new pattern.

7. I’d like to try at least one craft technique that I haven’t before. (At this point, I’m thinking screenprinting, since I have a gift project in mind that practically requires it, and there’s no way I’m getting to that before the end of this year!)

Part 2: The Numbers

Home decor: hutch, 2 window shade recons, computer desk, computer chair (total: 4)
Bags and pouches: Dice bag, drawstring bag for gypsy costume, watercolor brush roll, weekender bag, daisy chain purse, (total: 5)
Clothing (new): the brown crappy dress, velvet wrap (fail), hippie top, sunflower skirt, sea flowers top, sea flowers dress, ill-fated jeans, bamboo skirt, BWOF painter blouse, 3 bridesmaid shrugs, starry night skirt, the Edoras top, princess pjs, (total: 15)
Clothing (recon): the gypsy costume (which is actually 4 recons), daisy pjs, Easter dress and cardi, lotus hoodie, (total: 8)
Clothing (embellishment): One beaded wedding dress and a ribbon-trimmed veil
Unfinished in-process: ivory tank for summer wardrobe, the Easter shrug that didn’t work with the dress, a denim skirt recon (unfinished because I think it needs a dye job to work)
Jewelry: Gryffindor earrings, palm tree necklace recon, bone earrings, daisy beachy necklace/earrings, 5 sets of jewelry for Susannah’s wedding + her mom’s earrings, the two necklaces I gave my mom for Christmas (total: 12, not counting one as-of-yet undisclosed project.)
Scrapbook pages: July 4, 29 layouts at Tracey’s, (total: 30)
Other: Car seat covers, 2 toddler capes, Kaylee the Kangaroo, (total: 4)

Favorite sewn-from-scratch project: I think the starry night skirt. It fits well, and I love the fabric. So glad I went with the teal underneath the black sheer, it adds so much depth!
Favorite reconstructed sewing project: Probably the gypsy costume–beyond that, there weren’t really any recons I was overly excited about this year, but that was a lot of fun to make.
Least favorite sewing project: Hands down, the dress I wore to my brother’s wedding. That was just a totally miserable crafting experience.
Favorite jewelry project: Probably the dragonfly necklace I made for my mom for Christmas.
Least favorite jewelry project: The necklaces I made for Susannah’s wedding. (Best pic I have of that is the one of her wearing it, sorry for no close-ups.) It’s not that I didn’t like the way they looked, but the combination of those beads and the jump rings made them annoyingly difficult to put together, and even the day of the wedding they kept falling apart somewhat– it’s a good thing I brought my pliers with me, because we did have some pre-wedding issues with that!
Favorite non-jewelry accessory: The Daisy Chain purse. It’s just really hard for me to make things from Amy Butler fabric that I don’t like.
I didn’t really have a non-favorite non-jewelry accessory, so let’s just skip ahead to…Favorite scrapbook layout: The “Music Builds Tour” one. (The bubble tea one was a close second.) Both of these were really all about the paper being freaking awesome. I’m definitely more of a paper than embellishment girl. Although I did branch out a bit on these, making cardboard embellishments for the bubble tea and the photo collage for the concert one. So I think that’s a big part of it.

Ok, that wraps it up for 2009…wishing you all a happy and crafty new year!

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