Now that Christmas is over…

…I can show what I put in my mom’s stocking this year! It’s become traditional for me to make a necklace or two and stick it in there. I kept it simple this year out of necessity– I knew she wanted a silver one, and I stumbled across the black and white ones in my stash (which I think she may have bought a long time ago for me to make something for her anyway).

Christmas was pretty good, although there hasn’t been much in the way of craftiness going on lately. We’ve had family staying with us, so the last couple of days have been pretty much spent in either celebrating Christmas with various groups of relatives, or keeping my 7-year old cousin who’s staying with us busy. (Mostly by playing hours and hours of Lego Star Wars with him!)

I have also been doing a little (make that VERY little) bit of work on the room, mostly in terms of organizing. I sorted through two of my three boxes of photo doubles, mostly to get rid of the excess prints and file the negatives. (Most of what I have in there ended up in my scrapbooks, so it’s ok. The photo boxes just take up space, and I’m trying to cut back now.) It’s necessitated going through some of my old scrapbooks to make sure I have these particular photos covered…and now I’m feeling this urge to redo my first-half-of-college scrapbook. The first two I did weren’t standard scrapbook size, they were these weird something like 11×15″ and full of this construction-esque paper that I ended up just directly gluing 8.5×11″ paper and photos to. Admittedly, I do have a practical reason in that some of the paper and photos are beginning to peel off of the pages, since there’s no page protectors to help hold them down and I think this is when I was still using something like a scrapbook-safe glue stick. The other reason is that I wasn’t able to destroy the pages of stuff that my last ex-boyfriend and I did together, like I was with the next scrapbook (which was my first 12×12 with page protectors one—it was a lot easier to just pull the layouts out and trash them!) I know, I know, it’s a part of my history and a lot of scrapbookers would claim it’s blasphemy that I want those pictures gone. But really, he was a jerk, and I’d like to be able to look at the pics of time with my college friends without seeing too much of him. Don’t think I can destroy them all, since I do have some involving him and other friends, and I’d rather not get rid of my friends, but I really don’t want any more pics of the two of us! (And, truth be told, it’s not very good for my ego to have that reminder that he’s the last guy who was actually really interested enough in me to ask me out…or how long it’s been since.) Hopefully it’ll be something simple like I can just peel the matted photos off and rewrite the text for the stuff I do want to keep. You know, with me being horribly behind on my scrapbooks and all. Because the more I think about it, the more I think I’m talking myself into just doing it.


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