It was snowing. I did sewing!

(And there was much rejoicing!)

So, as I’m sure all of you who live in the United States know, the East Coast got slammed with a blizzard over the weekend. Which resulted in 17″ of snow where I live, which easily ranks it as one of the biggest snowfalls in my lifetime. (Big snows are kind of unusual here–usually the big ones we get are the kind that happen from freak March snowstorms that melt away quickly. Needless to say, my state’s been kind of shut down over the last 3 days.)

This was the view from my new bedroom’s window this morning, after a day to melt away. What I did yesterday was to stay indoors in my pjs all day, I drank lots of tea, watched Julie & Julia with my mom, and SEW!!
This was the result–I got a large portion of the top of my bedspread quilt sewn together–basically spent the whole day cutting and sewing in those light tan strips, with my mom kindly talking me through the best way to do it. I still have quite a bit of work to do on it–I need to sew the tan strips down the side, and then add borders to make it bigger. (Actually, I need to add 2 borders, because after laying it out on my bed last night to test the size, I realized I’m going to have to add another 5″ all around to get it to cover all the way to the floor like I’d wanted. But I talked to my mom about it, and she thinks I can squeeze a second border out of the fabric I have if I add a strip of the “sashing” fabric in between the two borders. Hopefully that’ll leave me enough to do the binding.) And then I need to put the batting and backing with it, and then quilt it, and then sew the binding on! But I think this is going to be a good project to get my sewing mojo back, since it involves lots of straight lines and no fitting (and by the time I’m finished it, I’m sure I’ll be itching to sew something I can wear again!)

It’s also high time I actually posted my other two somewhat recent sewing-ish projects.

#1, remember this computer chair that I got at Goodwill for $10? (Second picture down.) One reupholstery job, a fresh coat of paint, and -4 wheels later (with the wheels, the chair wouldn’t fit under the desk, unfortunately), this is what it looks like.

I think it’s an improvement! And so does my backside, since the new foam is 1″ thicker and much more dense than the original cushion. (I do have to keep a pillow on there to lean my back against, which completely clashes, but it’s out of Yellow Submarine fabric which is way too cool to cover up, so I’ve decided I don’t care if it doesn’t match in this case!)

#2, which may be one of the geekiest things I’ve ever stuck up here. A couple of months ago, some friends of mine invited me to do a D&D-style game with them, based off of Star Wars. Which meant that I needed to get myself a set of those funky multiple-sided gaming dice, and something to keep it in. And of course I’m not going to buy a dice bag when I could easily sew one within 2 hours!
Which I did. It would have taken less, except I decided to get all fancy and make it fully self-lined with no exposed seams. But at least I finally found something to do with this nice fat quarter of Celtic knot-printed fabric! Part of it, anyway. (Incidentally, we were supposed to play our third round on Saturday, but decided to postpone it due to the bad weather. Yes, go ahead and say it… I’m a geek. I’m ok with that.)


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