wedding outfits and sewing phobias

I think I’m caving; I’m 99% settled on buying a dress to wear to my friend Tracey’s upcoming January wedding, instead of making one.

This is the dress I’ve picked out, from I like the kind of 60s-ish look to it, love the color (though I’m hoping it’s not too close to that of the bridesmaid dresses–Cassie, if you’re reading this, help me out!), and I think it’s a simple enough style that, with the right accessories, I could wear this for both warmer or colder weather (would need to find a sweater and tights to wear with this, and possibly shoes since I’m not sure either my black heels or my ill-fitting brown ones would work–I’m thinking if I can find a pewter-ish colored flat in my size, that would be perfect for both the look and accommodating any chance of icy parking lots!). And therefore I could be justified in paying the $53 for it. (And free shipping if I also get the cardigan that I fell in love with from there!) But still, I’m hesitating….buying a sweater is one thing, because that’s something I can’t really do myself. But for some odd reason, part of me is feeling like I’m failing a bit or copping out for buying a dress instead of sewing one. Probably from spending so much time on the Wardrobe Refashion bandwagon, where buying new = bad. I’m telling myself that at least I’m supporting a smaller business and independent designers. And I really don’t have time to sew a dress, especially with all of the stuff for my room still in the queue. But honestly, after the last several clothing project fails, I think part of me is a little afraid to sew clothes again. Weird, huh? I need to find a way to get over that. (And I also need to go to work! Yikes!)


2 thoughts on “wedding outfits and sewing phobias

  1. Buying new often is bad. Many of us did this with a strong economy and the rise of fast fashion.

    Buying new once every one or two or three years is fine.

    Buy with confidence and joy! You deserve it!


  2. ooooooh, this is gorgeous, and looks so beautifully, made. i don't think you should feel bad at all– it's way different than buying trendy one-offs that die after one wear. and you're supporting a smaller shop , too 🙂


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