And the painting continues…

Seriously, it feels like all I’ve done for the last two weeks is paint. I’ve made some pretty good progress on the furniture– here’s a preview of the hutch with its fresh new coat of paint. It’s not completely done, since I still need to put all of the hardware back on, and my dad is strongly suggesting that we add a support piece in the middle of these shelves since they’re a little warped. Besides this, I’ve got the nightstand all painted (other than the cover for the top that isn’t built yet), and as of yesterday the computer desk is reassembled and has one coat of paint on it. That one’s going to take at least two, possibly three. And I still have to paint the dresser that’s in my room (including all of the sanding prepwork). And then there’s this…

I remembered last week that I was still missing one piece of furniture– a chair for my computer desk. So I stopped at Goodwill and found this chair for $10. It’s a good height and someone had conveniently added wheels to it. I think that same someone did the paint job too, which is a little messy, and since it’s offwhite it would have to be repainted anyway. Plus it’s a little wobbly, so I need to fix that. I’m also going to reupholster it, since I have to take it apart anyway–it’s kind of a shame to in a way, because the upholstery is in excellent condition and even sort of matches my color scheme. But the padding on the bottom of the chair needs a boost–there’s no way it’ll be comfortable to sit on for any length of time. It kind of feels like it’s lightly stuffed with craft stuffing. So I braved the crowds at Joann’s this morning for the Black Friday sale and got some new fabric that I’m really excited about, as well as some 3″ high-density foam. The only thing I’ve ever reupholstered in my life was a folding metal chair, and I’ve never worked with this foam, so we’ll see how it goes…

Other than that, I did finish the recoverings on the insulated window shades this past Sunday, with a good bit of help from my mom on sewing the rings on and a lot of help from my dad on hanging them. (They’re both being really great about helping me out, since the reason that I’m on such a tight deadline is that we have family staying with us for Christmas.) And we’ve given the carpet a good cleaning. And I’ve put quite a bit of stuff in my closet, and am feeling quite nerdily thrilled at how organized it looks. (I’ve NEVER had an organized closet for any length of time. Mainly because of the extremely tight space, and that I can be kind of a slob. I’m working on that.)

Somewhere along the line, I’ve also finished appliqueing the leaves on my quilt. But I haven’t gotten any farther than that, since the furniture really has to get done before any more fabric work. (The only thing that really had to get done prior to Christmas was the shades, since I need them to darken the room enough that I can sleep. I miss my sewing machine. Though I did sneak in one tiny quick sewing project that has nothing to do with the room that I just remembered I haven’t posted about yet. That’ll come.)

So, even though all of this painting is taking about twice as long as I’d hoped it would, I guess I made some good progress in my time off. Good thing too, since my part-time job is starting up again today. Pretty much as soon as I get changed and go. I should do that.

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