Dungeon no more!

Not much to show in the sewing department yet, though I have been making progress on two things in that. But I can show what I spent a good chunk of last week doing… remember that dungeon grey that the room was when I started?

I think this is a big improvement.
My dad and I painted the ceiling and closet (which is also tan) and installed the new ceiling fan earlier last week, and then on Saturday two of my friends came over to help me paint the walls and trim (they volunteered without my asking, which makes them both extra cool!) Not showing the floor in this pic yet, because it was a mess, but the carpet is getting cleaned tonight!

I spent most of today priming the hutch (which was 3 drawers, 2 doors front and back, the top shelving unit and the dresser-like piece, including some very intricate legwork) and the nightstand (which was much easier since it was just the two sides, the front and inside of 3 drawers, and a little trimwork–I’m not painting the inside of where the drawers go again, or the sides of the drawers, since I probably shouldn’t have painted those in the first place!) There’s really no point in showing pictures of that in-progress, since it’ll look a lot nicer once the paint is actually done (and the primer and paint are both white anyway).

I did run into a little bit of a hiccup with the hardware– I’d expected I’d have to paint it, since the iron-grey wouldn’t work on white furniture, but I wasn’t expecting to take it off and find that it was pretty significantly rusted!

So I just had to be extra-careful with the spray-paint coating. I also got some new drawer pulls for the dresser I’m keeping from my current room and painted them to match….but I just realized I forgot all about the hinges on this dresser and will have to paint them later! Doh!
I like the new finish though. I chose a hammered silver spray-paint in hopes that it would make the finish look less sprayed-on and fake. I basically spent from 9 to 4 working on all of this, so I’d say I definitely took full advantage of not having any work today!

So I think my reward tonight for making so much progress will be some quality time with my sewing machine for quilt appliqueing. Once I scrape all of the paint off of myself, that is!


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