Today I…

  • …finished the sister-of-the-groom dress from hell! Mostly finished it last night, but I sewed the hook and eye to complete it this morning. No pictures yet, as I didn’t have time to take them. I’m still not happy with it, but at this point, I just have to go with it and hope that no one notices the many imperfections that are bugging me.
  • …cut out the wrap that I’ll be wearing with it. I’m a little bit concerned about how it’s going to turn out; my original plan was to use some silk velvet (yum) that I dyed back in the summer on the outside, and then line it with satin to give it a little more body. Unfortunately, I found that I severely underestimated how much satin I’d need, and didn’t have enough yardage to cut it out in any direction. (Any ideas with what I can do with about a yard of really shiny satin would be appreciated.) So both sides are now going to be the velvet, which is why I’m concerned–the velvet’s just so drapey and I’m afraid it’ll just sag all over the place, since it’s basically a double-seamed tube of fabric with rounded ends.
  • …went to Joann’s to get some interfacing to hopefully help solve that potential problem. (The lightest weight of non-fusible interfacing they had.)
  • …was hoping to finish that wrap, but my brother’s fiancee’s bridal shower was today, and by the time I got home from that and Joann’s and a stop to get them a new wedding present, I was just too tired. (I’d originally gotten them a cake pan, because my brother loves cake; the plan was to get them that and a box of one of his favorite mixes and a can of icing. But one of my aunts gave her a ginormous basket from her and her three daughters filled with all sorts of kitchen goodies (I have to admit I was kind of jealous–I’ve always liked kitchen stuff more than a girl who can’t afford her own place should), and a cake pan of the same size was one of the goodies. So my mom said she’d buy the cake pan off of me–she’d picked it up for me while she was out at Kohl’s and I was at work, and no longer has the receipt, so I can’t return it. And she likes the fact that it has a lid. So I got them some measuring cups and such instead, since they hadn’t gotten any of those yet (and you need the liquid ones for cake mixes). And left it for my brother since they’ve been getting wedding presents delivered here anyway, so then I can give it to them first. So there.)
  • …made my mom’s necklace for the wedding instead. Again, no pictures, because flash never works for jewelry pics and it’s too dark for natural light.

So that pretty much covers my Saturday in a nutshell. And maybe, just maybe, I can finish that wrap tomorrow. Here’s hoping…


3 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. I was thinking that too with the wrap, but I don't want too heavy of an interfacing since the wrap is also supposed to pull through a slit and then hang. So I'm actually going to interface both sides–I think a double layer should give it the body without sacrificing too much of the drape. That's what I'm hoping, anyway.


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