This dress is made of FAIL.

I was afraid this would happen…My biggest concern with this pattern was that the fabric would be too lightweight to hold up to the more structured sheath dress. Sadly, these fears proved to be quite founded. Exhibit A, to the left: the fact that it never really ironed right in the first place.
Exhibit B: As you can see, the side darts are still being problematic. As in, they went all wonky and went at a really bad angle and are apparently trying to be batwing sleeves. That part of my anatomy doesn’t need wings, thankyouverymuch.

Exhibit C: The neckline. It was just bias-cut enough to stretch out, and I could not get it to work with the facings. Nor would it press flat.

My one consolation: Even though it looks horribly wrinkled in this picture (did I mention I don’t like pressing silk?), I did achieve the perfect invisible zipper. Even the seam below it–no gap or bump. This is a first for me.

So needless to say, I will not be finishing this dress. I’m wondering if I can at least salvage the bottom as a skirt, or if it’s too lightweight for that too. Maybe a skirt lining. A very expensive skirt lining. Also needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be working with silk charmeuse again anytime soon– had I known I’d have to go with a more structured pattern, I would have gone with shantung or something sturdier. As for the sister-of-the-groom dress, I have time for one more attempt. My mom is currently at Joann’s with a sample of the silk velvet I dyed for the wrap (which I considered just finishing the dress and wearing that the whole time, but the neckline will still show and it still looks horribly messy) to see if she can find me a sturdier fabric to make it out of– I don’t have time to go myself, since Cassie’s coming over as soon as the football game at our alma mater is done (which could be pretty much anytime. Have I mentioned lately that my mom is awesome?) So my plan is to wash it tonight, and cut it out tomorrow, even if I have to sit on the living room floor at my grandparents’ house and cut it out during our family gathering, because I don’t have teaching on Monday night and if it doesn’t work then, I’m just going to have to suck it up and go shopping.

Right now, I really hate this wedding.


4 thoughts on “This dress is made of FAIL.

  1. I've been working with this fabric all weekend. You need to stretch it as you sew to get the tension right and avoid wrinkes. When you are feeling less frustrated, unpick a few seams and see if this works.


  2. Thats sux! Too bad cause its a really great color… we've all been there…
    I'm not a fan of working with silk unless its a super simple loose fitting top/dress. Your next dress will be fabulous!


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