(mostly) Project Runway 6.2

…starting with one teaser of my most recent sewing project. After all, I did promise a photo of some sort in my last post!!

One other comment, since I’m just waiting for the new episode to start anyway. I’m feeling a little frustrated with Joann’s right now. I placed two special orders back in June for my impending bedroom makeover project–one for curtains, and one for the fabric I was planning on using to border my quilt. (Yes, I am planning on making a quilt. Somewhere, pigs are sprouting wings.) The curtain fabric came in within a couple of weeks, no problem. I was told the quilt border fabric (which also happens to be the fabric that inspired the entire bedroom color scheme) would be in this month. I called them about a week and a half ago to check on the status, was told to leave a message for the person in charge of ordering, nothing happened. Called them again yesterday, was told she’d be in today, please call again today. I did so, and she still wasn’t there. I left another message. I hope she calls this time. At this point, I’m honestly not expecting to be able to get this fabric–it’s out of stock on the website, so I’m suspecting maybe it was a limited run print and just not available anymore. (And of course I picked a brand that is only available through Joann’s, so I can’t get it anywhere else, unless it’s on eBay or something. Except I just checked and it’s not.) I am disappointed if that’s the case, because I only have about a half-yard tops of the fabric left over from the scrapbook that I covered with it before this decor project even came up, so I’m barely going to be able to have anything in the room that’s made from the fabric that inspired it. But I’m more frustrated over how much of a run-around they’re giving me on this. If they can’t get it, I just want them to tell me so I can get my money back and start looking for something else to match the rest of the quilt fabrics that I already bought. (The worst of it is, it’s not even like I have an alternate place to shop if I get completely fed up with the lack of customer service. There’s only one other fabric store I know of in my entire county (the entire state, really… this is Delaware) that sells apparel fabric, which is 3-4 times the distance away and has a far more limited selection. So it’s basically use up more gas/lose the sales to drive there, buy everything over the internet, or keep shopping at Joann’s regardless of how this goes down. And I can’t really justify paying shipping or driving 3 times as long for say, thread or a zipper.)

On with the show!! Haha, the tie-on bellies are cracking me up.

I like the idea of Althea’s woven-ribbon bodice… I hope it turns out well. And I have to say… “Mother Hen”? And jodphurs? What is Malvin thinking? I agree with Tim– no woman wants to make her thighs look bigger. Especially if her belly’s already bigger to begin with.

Oh man… those shorts are huge. And did he just say “fierce?” STOP CHANNELING CHRISTIAN!

No… you did not just say to make that nest more literal.

Logan’s look: Kind of boring.
Shirin: I like hers. The drape is nice, the coat is cute.
Nicolas: Chic, but very bulgy-looking in the belly, more than I would be comfortable with pregnant.
Christopher’s is cute– looks maternity, but the one-shoulder is nice.
Mitchell– trailer trash.
Qriistyl– looks like a beach coverup
Epperson– The wrap in the back of the jumpsuit is nice, but not my thing.
Louise– cute.
Gordana– very chic looking– i like the sweater wrap.
Johnny– looks like it would be easy to wear.
Malbin– at least he didn’t go with the jodhpurs.
Ra’mon– would have been better without the color block.

Carol- the belly band is weird. It looks liek one of those baby wraps.
Aletha– waaaaay low-cut. Would like better with more coverage.
Irina– very cute. I want to wear that as a non-maternity dress.

Haha, Qristyl’s reaction to being named as safe cracks me up.

Judge’s comments:
Ra’mon– I hadn’t thought of the “baby here” arrows, but very apt description.
Louise– I hadn’t seen the pleats in the bust, but that’ s a good idea to build in room for expansion. She thought it through well.
Althea–I’d agree with that.
Malvin– it seriously looks like one of those baby wraps. Yup, Nina just called it a sling.
Wow, those ginormous shorts of Mitchell’s are short. And gappy. I see London… (And that’s bad when Heidi says it looks like she would have sewn the shorts.)
I hadn’t seen the criss-crossy waist on Shirin’s before either–that’s cool.

And I’m glad Shirin won. She deserved it– it was a very well-made outfit. Malvin wasn’t my favorite, but I’m really surprised that he got auf’ed instead of Mitchell. Especially given that Mitchell was in the bottom two both weeks so far.

And I have to say, for next week’s preview, it was gratifying to hear Heidi saying that to be on Project Runway, you have to, you know, SEW.


2 thoughts on “(mostly) Project Runway 6.2

  1. Wow, look at that trim! I'm curious! I liked Shirin's outfit the best, and I agree that they have let Mitchell slide again. The judges obvz. favored chic intent over high-concept intent.


  2. Well, first, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I missed the second episode of PR. It's annoying that IO TV doesn't have 'Lifetime' shows. I'll have to catch the second episode on a rerun.
    I'm also following “Top Chef.” I'm curious, in both shows, to see who turns out to be a decent player (and talented) and who turns out to be a shmuck. Every season seems to need a villain, LOL!


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