Project Runway is BACK!!!

(blogged while watching…)

Oh, Project Runway, how I’ve missed you. Especially after watching that cheap imitation of a Fashion Show that couldn’t hold my interest for more than a couple of eps.

Based on initial impressions of personality, I’m inclined to like Qristyl and Shirin. And inclined to think that Malvin is seriously trying to channel Christian Siriano. I mean, the hair, the androgyny, the pretentious attitude of thinking he’s so far ahead of the curve that his style can’t be defined yet…I hope I’m wrong, because Christian is pretty much my least favorite PR alum ever. And I’m feeling kind of bad for Johnny… seems like he’s got a lot to overcome, and I hope he pulls it together.

Runway show!

Favorite dress: I think I’m going to have to say Ra’mon’s. Though I also liked Shirina’s, Nicholas’s Celtic-knot looking thing, and Irina’s, and Louise’s. Christopher’s is kind of fun too, though I could probably never wear that silhouette.

Least favorite dress: Mitchell’s, hands down. Ari’s is a close second.

I am glad to see that Johnny got it together. Again, a silhouette I could never wear, but not bad considering the earlier meltdown.

Christopher was a good choice for winner, I think. He did a nice job.

You know, looking at them side by side like that, Ari’s and Mitchell’s haircuts are awfully similar…

It could have been interesting to see what else Ari would come up with….but considering her dress looked like something out of a MST3K-worthy film…yeah.

Edit: Craftstylish was kind enough to put up a post showing all of the sketches vs. the final runway designs– check it out!!


One thought on “Project Runway is BACK!!!

  1. Agreed that Ra'mon's dress was my fave, and Mitchell's and Ari's my least fave. If Ari had at least lengthened hers into a dress, I think she'd have stayed. Mitchell did not even design anything — I would not have hesitated to send him home.


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