Catching up, 3/4: Summer Wardobe 5 (the hippie top), and some redecoration stuff

It’s about time I finished something else for this, since it’s almost halfway through August! Anyway, this is my peasant-top-inspired shirt. (Please ignore how badly the duct-tape wrinkles on Donna the Dummy’s chest shows through the gauze.)

Since I wanted the hippie look but a little more fitted, I went with one of my tried-and-true tops, Simplicity 5683.

I don’t usually pay attention to the suggested trim details in patterns, but felt that this one needed a little something since it’s just plain light blue cotton gauze. So I followed their lead and added this crocheted lace and ribbon trim. (I hope it doesn’t make it look like something meant for a 5-year-old… I’m thinking the lines going down the front do help a lot there.)

I do wish the trim on the sleeves had gone better… I tried to follow the placement lines, even taking it up higher, but perhaps my trim was too wide because it was still a struggle to not let it hang past the edge of the elastic casing.

The really nice thing about this one, since I had it already cut out, is how fast it was to make, even with inside finishing. I sewed the trim onto the pattern pieces on Friday night. (I probably could have gone further, but Cassie was over at the time for one of our crafty tv-watching hangouts, and we got a little sidetracked by an urge to play Guitar Hero.) I sewed the rest of it together in its entirety on Saturday.

I haven’t tried it with the skirt yet (and obviously not with my ill-fated jeans… I’m still trying to figure out if it’s worth the effort to rip out and resew the back seam in an attempt to salvage them!) Looking at it now, I’m really not convinced that this top will go with the skirt either–I think the top is too light a blue and the skirt is too red a brown. I’ll have to try it on to see for certain, of course, but I have to admit that I’m not feeling very hopeful about it. (And having a little trouble shaking the overall feeling that, even though I’ve finished most of the intended pieces, as far as mixing and matching goes this mini-wardrobe is kind of a bomb.)

On a non-related note, I stopped at a used-furniture place this afternoon, the type that does estate sales and such. After my brother gets married in October, I’m moving into his room (he got the larger one even though I’m older…mine used to be my mom’s sewing room and so that was the first to go) and turning my current bedroom into a guest room/teaching studio for my flute lessons. (My parents are so cool about the musician income thing.) Since I still have the same furniture, sans bed, that I’ve had since I was oh, seven or so, one of the things I’ve really been hoping to do is replace some of the kid dressers. Really, hoping to go down from the three dressers I have in here (one long one, and two that used to sit under the loft bed I had when I was a kid, one of which is a really bad use of space) to two. But I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to get that to work without ditching half of my clothes, seeing as how my closet is also crammed full. (The hazards of sewing clothes/having costumes/having old recital dresses that need to be kept because in my line of work, I actually do use them sometimes!) So I’ve been hoping to get two dressers that are larger sizes than the ones I have now. Or maybe get one larger one and move one of my old ones over. Or something. I’m still sorting it out.

Anyway, the point of that ramble is that I did actually find something at the used furniture store today– no pictures, because it’s on my phone and I can’t figure out how to get pictures off of it. πŸ˜› But it’s a little outside of the box, so part of me is excited about it and part of me is wondering if I made a $100 mistake!! I’ll try to describe it– they listed it as an arts-and-crafts hutch (though I don’t know how old it actually is). So it’s kind of this light oak-ish color, 3 drawers and two doors that open out. There’s a shelf inside to split that into two parts, so it’s not just a total waste of space like my armoire dresser. And then sitting on top of that, there’s a little built-up part with 3 shelves. (I’ll take pictures once I get it home– I have to get my dad to help me pick it up, since he has access to vehicles that hold larger things than my Civic!) So I’m thinking the lower part can be used for clothes, though I’ll have to play around with the shelved section to see if it would be better for smaller clothes, like underwear or rolled-up t-shirts (an excuse to make fabric storage boxes), or for a better way to store my jeans than rolled up and crammed into a too-shallow drawer in that waste-of-space armoire. (Can you tell I really don’t like that dresser?) And then I can use the shelves for things like makeup/hair stuff/candleholders and such that I can’t bear to get rid of. Or maybe my dvd collection, if the shelves are tall enough to accommodate them. I really hope this was a good move–in thinking ahead, this could be a piece of furniture that could work well in the long term, like if I can eventually afford my own place or if I actually can get married someday and therefore move out, because then I could just use it for another function. Like, say, craft/sewing room. πŸ˜‰ And I like the quirkiness of using a piece of furniture for a purpose other than its original intent. But I hope it works!! And then there’s the question of refinishing it, since I do have to paint over my free computer desk… (Damaged section that had to get repaired= power-sanded down particle board. Not pretty.)


5 thoughts on “Catching up, 3/4: Summer Wardobe 5 (the hippie top), and some redecoration stuff

  1. I WAS the hippie movement! I remember it well and fondly. I'll be interested to see your hippie top worn with whatever you decide on the bottom.

    Congrats on the craft organizer. It sounds wonderful.


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