Catching up, 1/4: The Sunflower Skirt

I’ve been a bad blogger lately, but I have more to say about pretty much everything I wanted to post than would be nice for a summary post, so I’m just going to give each item a shorter post.

This is the skirt that I ended up making from my Spoonflower fabric. I made it from a pattern I’ve used before, McCall’s 2029 (the bias-cut view)- I was originally planning on using the BurdaStyle Sidonie, but realized I was about two sizes smaller at the waist than I was at the hips, and also stupidly decided to lengthen it from the line within the pattern rather than at the bottom, so I was having a good bit of trouble with changing the pattern to work. The fabric is a tiny bit see-through, as is the nature with white, but rather than line it and risk that extra line showing at the side seams, I underlined it with some white lining fabric that I had in my stash and it worked pretty well. I just really love the graphic look to it– I found a tank top that I have that matches it decently, but I’m going to need to invest in some solid tops that pick up the colors in the skirt! Maybe a nice royal blue…

Thanks again to Gwen for the giveaway, and Beth for doing such a lovely job on the print!

Speaking of pattern-fitting issues, I took the plunge and signed up for one of the upcoming classes at Pattern Review–the “Make a Skirt Muslin” one. (7th one down on the page– I can’t link to it directly.) I like that the idea is basically to teach me how to make a skirt sloper and then use that to fit other skirts–I’m fortunate in that I don’t really have any major fitting issues, but it would be nice to learn how to adjust the patterns to work around my waist-to-hip ratio discrepancy instead of just taking in the seams as I’m sewing! (Plus this one is a recommended prereq to the pants-fitting class, and I need to learn that!) I think I know which skirt I’d potentially like to use for the pattern that’s my choice–I’ve been drooling over this BWOF pattern since the day I got the magazine. (Though I do wonder if that’s too close to the starting point for me to really benefit from it, and maybe I should go with something more A-line or bias-cut instead?) For the first pattern, though, I’m required to use a straight skirt with darts and a waistband that actually hits at the waist. (Ugh, I’m used to hiphugger everything, and the waist feels constrictive to me now!) I usually get A-line skirts instead of straight skirts, so I’m going to throw the question out there: do you have any recommendations for a good basic straight skirt pattern?


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