this makes me sad. :-(

Remember this? The jeans that I spent so long tweaking the patterns and the muslins and basically spent an entire week sewing together? The jeans that I’ve only had finished for a little over 2 months and have only worn maybe four times tops and haven’t even finished the wardrobe that they were part of yet? Today was a much cooler day than it’s been (mid-70s instead of upper 80s), so I wore them out to the movies tonight. When I came home and took them off to shower, this is what I found. Right in the middle of the backside. I don’t think this one is mendable. And it just makes me really sad, because these jeans were literally years in the making. I don’t know if the denim was just too lightweight to stand up to jeans (it is a rather light denim), or if I did something wrong in the construction, or if I gained a bunch of weight without realizing it. I don’t think it’s the latter, because I made them to not be super-tight and they didn’t feel any different than usual. I’m inclined to think it’s a combination of the first two. But I wish I knew what I did wrong!


6 thoughts on “this makes me sad. :-(

  1. A friend went to the largest fabric store in Texas and bought some mid-weight, mid-priced denim earlier this week. She pre-washed it and it basically disintegrated. I wouldn't have understood except *I saw it with my own eyes*. Like, a layer or two or three of the threads just could not withstand the heat of the dryer. It wasn't metallic stuff or anything.

    All this to say, with your jeans, I would bet it's the fabric. Might simply be that they are lightweight, but I know some cotton seersucker that would hold up in the back seam of pants. Sorry, bout that, B.


  2. Oh no, that's so sad! My guess is that you didn't do anything wrong. It almost looks like something snagged it or it could be the material. At least you have the fitting part done and have experience making jeans.


  3. DH's pants love to do that right at the middle of the crotch seam and I've learned to do some basic patching to keep them wearable. Sewing a small patch of the same fabric on the inside has kept him going for a while so maybe a similar fix would keep these jeans wearable for just a little longer? So very sorry this happened to you, how very frustrating!!


  4. I think I'd open up that seam and iron-on a patch of weft or tricot interfacing and stitch it back up.

    It might not hold, if it's the fabric, but you might get a few more wearings from the jeans….


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