I’m back!!

It’s been an interesting last couple of weeks, to say the least…in the process of trying to get my computer fixed, most of it has had to be replaced. New motherboard, new processor, new memory, got a new video card while I was at it (I’ll admit it…one of my guilty pleasures is one of those online role-playing type games, and my old video card was never quite capable of running it well. Yes, I am a geek.) Anyway, as of Thursday night, it’s up and running again, with almost all of the programs reloaded. Including the camera software. Which means, rather than boring you all with another picture-less post, I can actually start catching up on showing some of those more recently finished projects!

So this is the first of the three projects that I finished in my absence– the “Weekender” bag from Weekend Designer. Since I already talked about it some here, I won’t rehash the same details. But it has been through its first test, the weekend trip to the beach that I had originally wanted to finish it for, and I’m happy to report that the strap did not, in fact, tear open as soon as I picked it up to carry it.

I was a bit nervous about that. That little band of fabric isn’t the sturdiest-looking thing, you know? And it was quite roomy– big enough to fit all of my clothes and toiletries for the weekend. Minus my beach stuff, which I stuck in my beach bag. (Were it not for my lovely beach blanket, my propensity to read very quickly with an ocean soundtrack–i.e. need for multiple books– and my inability to comfortably wear flip flops for more than the time it takes to walk onto the beach and then promptly remove them, I probably could have at least fit my swimsuit and towel in there.) Oh, and minus my craft stuff, because it’s tradition when I get together with these two particular friends to spend a great deal of time watching movies while crafting. But I digress. The point is, there was plenty of room for the essentials.

I also have to say, I’m very happy with my pockets. It was one of those last-minute inspirations–I didn’t want to make the main pocket out of the embroidered part because it would have been too hard to match, but I wanted to add a little more flair to the pockets. And the extra outer pocket is nice to have.

And that’s one less pieces of fabric in my stash–and this one’s been there for a few years. The cat approves.

On a non-related note, I got my new BWOF on Thursday. The previous issue didn’t really have a whole lot that I was interested in, but this one had some winners for me. I thought this skirt was really cute, I’m kind of in love with this jacket and spent quite a bit of time last night pondering an excuse to get it into my wardrobe (namely what color I could make it in and still have stuff to go with it! I already have too many black ones, and have plans to make a brown one), this top is going to have to get made at some point, and I’m actually finding these knit pants quite intriguing. I’m usually not a halter-top person but I kind of like the look of this one. I also like the look of this dress, but think it would be sadly unflattering on me. At least if the last dress I made (yet to be posted) is any indication.

So I’ve got two more catch-up posts to do… possibly 3, by the time I get the current project done. Next time: the first of the mini-wardrobe tops.


3 thoughts on “I’m back!!

  1. I really love the BWOF jacket 101 too. I'd go for the military look in navy blue with gold buttons and perhaps some piping. Team with blue jeans and a white t-shirt.


  2. Welcome back to the WWW! That is soooo cool that you sewed a Weekend Designer pattern! I like the ideas behind his creations but wish he would sew up a sample every once in a while.


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