a picture-less progress post

I do have another finished project to talk about, though no pictures yet. a) I haven’t taken it yet because I just finished it last night, and b) I’m a little afraid to take the pics off my camera– my computer’s been acting up for the last week, I may need to get a new hard drive, and though I have a backup as of last Thursday, I don’t want to load the pics onto the computer/have them removed from the memory card/lose them if I do have to get a new hard drive. (Especially because that means I’d lose all my pics from the Andrew Bird/Decemberists concert I was at on Monday!)

So, anyway, I finished my weekender bag last night. With a few modifications– I added a lining, and I couldn’t find the hardware to make the strap adjustable. It’s not the best sewing job I’ve ever done– I don’t know if it was cutting it out without a pattern with a rotary cutter, or if the fabric was off-grain, or what, but I had some definite size inconsistencies that resulted in the lining kind of bubbling up against the zipper. And the corners on one side came out all wonky. And this was supposed to be my quick-and-easy post-jeans project! On the plus side, though, I do have a nice roomy bag for the beach trip now (and I’m praying that the strap doesn’t completely fall apart on first useage). And the main bag fabric was fabric that had been in my stash for a couple of years, so I’m at 5/6 of stash used vs. new-bought this year. (Though I did buy some fabric last week, it’s specifically for the purpose of bedroom renovations, and therefore I’m not counting it because my stash is all pretty much fashion fabric.)

I cut out 6/6 this afternoon– one of the knit tops and the dress for my summer wardrobe, which are of the same knit print. And I discovered that it’s a really good thing that my muslin for the original maxi-dress pattern made me decide to go with a shorter one– since the majority of the pieces for both the top and the dress were cut on the fold, I would have been seriously short on fabric! As it was, I had to cut the back bodice piece for the dress out to be seamed, instead of the on-fold it was supposed to be, to make everything fit on there. Not sure how that happened, since I basically added the yardage for the two garments together when I ordered it… and it does count as stash used, since I bought it last year. Booyah.

So hopefully I can figure out this computer issue soon and have pictures again!


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