Summer Wardrobe, part 1: Mission accomplished.

And as I type that title, I keep hearing it in Kronk’s voice after he dumps Kuzko-as-a-llama off the waterfall….without the shoulder angel… now I kind of want to watch The Emperor’s New Groove again!

Anyway, look, I have jeans! And they (mostly) fit! In retrospect, this probably wasn’t the most brilliant shirt to wear for the photos, because it looks like the jeans are extending up my sides. Ouch. But you get the idea. There are some weird fit issues that I haven’t figured out how to resolve yet… need to tweak the pattern some. But for a first pair of jeans, I think they’re pretty good, and they still fit better than most of the jeans I own!

And now, on to some of the details…
The waistband/pockets/carriers. Don’t like: There is a little bit of gapping around the waistband. And I’m not really sure why it’s flaring out at the top. I think to resolve it, I may need to shorten it a bit, or make the rise a bit lower. Leaning towards the latter, since a lot of it seems to be with the yoke in the back. Either that, or I need to recut the pattern altogether and try it as a contoured waistband. And the rivets were a bit of a pain…my dad ended up having to teach me how to nail them in. You can’t really see it from here, but on my first two attempts (on this side), the rivet nail actually pierced through the rivet! The rest of them look better, but that’s because I’m not the one who nailed them in. 😛 However, I do like the way the topstitching turned out. The double-topstitching on the carriers was due to the fact that the first row didn’t quite catch the serger stitches and it wouldn’t have stayed completely flat, but I like the look of it.

Sorry for the butt-shot. This was the best I could do, holding the camera behind me to take the shot. You can see that there’s a little bit of fitting weirdness in the back too, but again, it’s still better than most of what I have! Guess I need to work on that muslin a bit. I really, really like the way the back pockets turned out, though.

So, in conclusion, while I haven’t reached fitting nirvana yet, I think I’m off to a good start, and would be willing to make a second pair. After all, I still need to get that perfect fit!

No pictures yet, but I started a side sewing project today before I finished the jeans, since the weather was perfect for it… making a new set of seat covers for my car. The ones I have in there are completely faded and threadbare and just not looking good. (I make them out of beach towels, and got these last summer, but didn’t have time to sew it up.) No actual sewing done on it yet, as it’s currently a mass of safety-pinned towel, and I need to trim the seams down and then use it as a pattern for the second seat. (The reason the weather was important was I have to actually sit in the car and cut and pin it around, like a slipcover.)

Also made this week: a “wristy resty thingy”, as I dubbed it one night when I was really tired. 😛 Unfortunately, I’m having a slightly worse phase of carpal tunnel again, mostly induced by a few slow days at the garden center where I spent the whole day working on spreadsheets and stuff instead of ringing things up. Since the keyboard just sits on the counter, I wanted to try and make it a little more ergonomic for me. I basically just took a piece of a long fabric sample I got for free, cut it in half, sewed it into a tube with one end shut, dumped half a bag of the cheapest rice I could find at Acme into it, and sewed it back up. Tried it one day at work so far, and I think maybe it did help a little… hard to tell when they’re off in the first place. I made this on Tuesday night.

Finally, another project in the works: it was decided this week that this fall, when my brother moves into the apartment that he’ll be sharing with his fiancee after the wedding, I’m going to move into his bedroom. It’s bigger than mine by several square feet. My current bedroom is going to be turned into a guest room/teaching space for me, at least until I can afford my own place. So that means that some redecorating is on the horizon. I’m excited about the chance to make some stuff for that, and very excited that I’ll be able to have a room large enough that I can have a real desk for my computer! (Right now, my setup is that the monitor sits on this little curved IKEA stool, the actual computer sits underneath it, and the keyboard sits on my lap while the mouse sits on the bed next to me. And I wonder why I have carpal tunnel flareups!) I do need to try to figure out an affordable way to reconfigure the closet, and will probably have to enlist my dad to help me build some bookshelves. I have a lot of books. Right now they’re on these fake wooden shelves resting on brackets that screw into the wall…what I’ve always had. And I’ve never liked them. So I want an actual bookcase!

13 thoughts on “Summer Wardrobe, part 1: Mission accomplished.

  1. The topstitching and rivets are very fancy and professional! Classic denim and thread colors.

    You won’t regret one moment you spend getting that pattern just the way you want it, as I predict you’ll be making many more perfect jeans from it!


  2. It looks to me like your jeans are too long, waist to crotch in both front and back. If you stand in front of a mirror, and pull them up, you’ll probably see the wrinkles disappear. And, a contoured waistband should take care of the gaposis around the waist.


  3. Angela

    These are beautifully made. Well done!

    I have had issues with fitting issues resulting in wrinkles around the back upper legs. Which turned out that more room needed to be added to the front legs – the complete opposite of what I would have thought. Having a look at this may also help for yours.


  4. Oh and on Kronk's voice – Disney got the guy who voiced Kronk to also give the safety spiel for their new Soarin' ride. He's totally serious the whole time but, well, it's Kronk. My brother and I were cracking up the whole time which must have looked utterly idiotic to everyone around us. Good times.


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