Do I really want to make this list?

(Note as of 5/31: Editing this as I go so I can track what’s been done.)

Lots of stuff that needs to get done over the next few months. At least in the sewing department– this is not even counting any scrapbook stuff (of which I should probably have some more pages ready to assemble by the end of June, since I’ll be doing a weekend trip with my two crochet-happy friends, and even though we’ll be at the beach, I’m sure the evenings will involve some form of movies and crafting!), or making any jewelry (which I haven’t really been able to do for awhile, and still need to sort through my wildly disorganized stash).

Stuff that needs to get done before the end of the summer:

  • The jeans (which I’m currently working on the muslin for, and is for the mini-wardrobe)
  • The blue gauze shirt (for the mini-wardrobe)
  • The ivory knit BWOF shirt (also mini-wardrobe)
  • The print McCall’s knit top (mini-wardrobe)
  • The print maxi-dress (mini-wardrobe, and will require a partial muslin for the bodice)
  • khaki shorts (mini-wardrobe, and will require a muslin)
  • sew up the seams on my crochet piece for the shrug thing (mini-wardrobe)
  • Weekender bag from stash fabric (preferably by the end of June so I can use it for said beach trip)
  • curtains for Bethany (long-overdue birthday present, which hopefully we’ll get together soon to pick fabric)
  • possibly two kiddie capes (which will be a paid job!)
  • A skirt from my Spoonflower sunflower fabric

Stuff that needs to get done for the fall:

  • The dress for my brother’s wedding (which will need a muslin, and which I’m considering changing again by making a flowier skirt to go with the BWOF dress top. She specifically cited Lothlorien as part of the inspiration for her dress, and I’m always more than happy to go with a Lord of the Rings-flow! Would probably work better with the charmeuse anyway.)
  • A shower and possibly a wedding gift for my brother and his fiancee. (And possibly a birthday present for her too, since both of their birthdays are between now and the wedding. I told her I wanted to get her something practical, since they need pretty much everything for their first place. My brother already said he wants cash.)
  • The BWOF 3/07 jacket from that brown embroidered suedecloth (if possible)
  • Probably a pair or two of pants. I’m sadly lacking in pants that both fit and are long enough to really look good with my boots.

Stuff that doesn’t need to get done, but that I would like to if at all possible:

  • A pair of summer pajamas, from stash fabric
  • A BWOF blouse from some royal blue crinkly satin that I have
  • Something from this crinkly embroidered teal that I’ve had sitting around for a year and a half

I probably should have started this several months ago because I desperately need it:

  • That jewelry organizer. Though I can probably work that in as I go. My jewelry stash is an unusable tangled mess!

Good thing I have some weekends coming up where I can stay home for all or part of the day…

4 thoughts on “Do I really want to make this list?

  1. did you have any plans for your jewellery stand/organiser? currently all my earrings hang off a notice board. I put some mesh over it and pinned it all at the back. it sits on my bathroom counter.

    necklaces and bracelets i hang on cutlery stands that i get from garage sales. you know those cutlery stands that come with a set? each of the bits sticking out get adorned with similar type length and style necklaces and bracelets. let’s me see everything at a glance while also being fairly pretty to look at.


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