Summer Wardrobe, part 2 (and an update on part 1)

Well, here it is– the first completed project in my “Hippie Beach Party” mini-wardrobe! I finished this up on Sunday with a trim off the bottom and a machine-done blind hem, but didn’t have a chance to take a picture until today due to work busyness.

As a recap: I made this using my tried-and-true Simplicity 7229, though I lengthened the skirt several inches to make it ankle-length instead of that weird mid-calf. I used this bamboo from, which isn’t really as dark as that looks– it’s kind of between that and the rusty brown it looks like in this picture. (When all is said and done, I’m going to have to take some pics of the full wardrobe in natural light for sure!) The results surprised me a little– both times when I made this skirt before, it was in a much stiffer fabric (a linen and an embroidered twill). The bamboo is much drapier, and as a result, it’s much clingier around my hips and thighs. Gives it kind of a mermaid silhouette when I’m wearing it. So not quite hippie, but I guess that fits the beach party part, at least, right?

The jeans update: I’m starting from scratch, kind of. I took a different pair of jeans last night that I realized would work better (not quite as tight and no stretch, and a higher rise) and did the masking tape thing again to make a new pattern. Right now, I have it laid directly on some muslin, which is not cut yet, but am thinking I will lay it on some paper first instead so I can figure out the grainlines and such. But not right now… Lost season finale time, and I can’t sew and watch that!

2 thoughts on “Summer Wardrobe, part 2 (and an update on part 1)

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