Happy sewing day!!

After all of the business going on with me lately, it was so nice to just have a day to do nothing but sewing-related things! (Ok, sewing and laundry-related things. But technically, I sewed some of the things in said laundry, so it counts, right?)

So after taking a look at the denim that I have for the actual jeans, I realized that the flowery denim I’ve been making the muslin out of is probably too heavy to get an actual idea. So I’m going to make a new muslin out of actual muslin (and then once it’s all figured out, transfer it to the flowery denim to use it for the pattern so I don’t waste the fabric! Since I can use the muslin for other things.) But I didn’t have enough muslin on hand. So what I ended up doing today was making the skirt for my mini-wardrobe in almost its entirety (since it’s bias-cut, I have to let it hang before I can do the hem). Then I ran out to JoAnn’s with my mom so I could get some muslin, the ribbon for the drawstring, and some trim for another mini-wardrobe component–she needed some stuff there too. (And I ran into my high school flute teacher and her daughter while we were there, which was a pleasant surprise!)

Finished as much of the sewing on the skirt as I could do– no pics until it’s hemmed. And then I started working on this– I had some rather large pieces of the bamboo fabric left, since the skirt was only four pieces and cut on the bias. So I’m trying my hand at using the leftovers to do some draped designing. This is what I have so far for the front, pinned on the dummy– I’m hoping to add some lacing to the front center to give it a bit of a corset look. I’m giving it a rest for the night while I think about the dart placement– I’m leaning towards the bust dart (left) rather than the full-front dart (bottom) because it seems to be laying on the side better.
I’m also hoping to take advantage of the bias-cut lines from the skirt and make the bottom more assymetric–when I had a bunch of it pinned onto the dummy, it looked cool. But we’ll see how it is after I get it more pieced together. And this is not going to be strapless– I’m wanting this to be a more casual top, so there will be straps added! Anyway, I’m hoping I can get it worked out so it looks good, because I like the idea that I can possibly use almost the entire piece of fabric!

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