Executive Decisions

Since weekend camping and the usual crazy Monday/Tuesday work schedule has left me unable to sew, I’ve spent the time pondering sewing instead. And here’s the conclusions I’ve come to…

1. The dress for my brother’s wedding. After several suggestions that I might be better off getting a heavier fabric for that dress pattern, I’ve decided to go with the simpler BWOF pattern over the Vogue one. I have to admit I’ve been a little nervous about that lightweight charmeuse holding up to all the ruching. But since that fabric was a bit of a splurge for me, I want to use it! Apart from that, I’m also thinking that a) a simpler pattern might be better in terms of sewing time, since I’ve been kind of limited this spring and I have this summer wardrobe I want to make (and still hoping to fit in some quickie projects on the side), and b) this dress has cap sleeves, vs. the Vogue pattern’s spaghetti straps, which might be much better for an outdoor wedding. Even though it’s now settled on the beginning of October, the weather here can be rather unpredictable that time of year– anywhere from Indian summer to time to break out the sweaters! Plus I think it’ll look better with a wrap than the more heavily ruched dress would, and with my propensity to get cold…

As for the Vogue pattern, I’d still like to try it out sometime. But I’m thinking I might use that for a little black dress. Since every girl is supposed to have one, right? And being a musician, I can never have too much funky black.

2. The jeans. After spending some more time on Thursday playing around with a bunch of pins to see if I could get a better fit on the leg, I’ve decided that to simplify things, I’m just going to use the old masking-tape-on-the-ready-to-wear trick and tweak the pattern from there. So after trying on my three best-fitting pairs of jeans this afternoon, I’ve decided which one I’m going to use. I will need to make a couple of changes– the pockets are crappy little tiny things that I can only shove my fingertips in, and the rise is lower than I’d prefer (I only bought them because they fit so well otherwise and I do tend to wear longer shirts when possible.) But hopefully this will at least give me an idea of the shape to work with.

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