Summer Wardrobe, part 1 con’t: the highly unwearable muslin, part 2

The good news: This jeans pattern definitely has potential to actually work for me! Spent some time tonight basting it together to get a basic idea of the fit. Now, the last jeans pattern I attempted (which I don’t remember, because it was so bad I threw it out in the middle of the muslin) resulted in bootcut pants that I couldn’t even get over my thighs, let alone my hips. These went over both my thighs and hips just fine, which already gives them bonus points.

The fit does need some work, though. Checking it from the front, the fit seems mostly pretty good (although I’m not sure about those puckers right around the crotch area… guess I’ll have to try on another pair of jeans and see if they do the same thing.)

The back is another story. (Apologies for the butt shots.) I don’t think it’s supposed to be quite that baggy in the back. At least in the legs. The actual seat isn’t bad, although the yoke needs some tweaking for gapiosis. (And possibly getting raised a bit higher…I haven’t basted on the actual waistband, so we’ll see if that’s necessary.)

The legs are a bit loose on me too, at least for a bootcut jean. I experimented with pinning down one of the legs to bring it in more around my knee (a good inch in from the seam in some places!) And from the front, it seemed to work pretty well. (Gotta love my markered-on grain lines…)
The back, again, was a different story. The leg on the right is the one that I tightened… apparently, how I tighten that needs some tweaking too! Maybe I should take from both seams instead of the one next time!

Still, I’m feeling optimistic. This isn’t anything I can’t work with.


2 thoughts on “Summer Wardrobe, part 1 con’t: the highly unwearable muslin, part 2

  1. If pulling up the pants at the waistline doesn’t work,check out the Threads article in January 2007Number 128. It should be at I had a similar problem and that article did the trick!


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