Friday Favorites, Episode 45: The End

It was a tough decision to make, but this is going to be the last Friday Favorites that I post up here. At least, for now. It’s just getting to be too much– I’m barely able to keep up with reading blogs, let alone compiling this post every week. Especially over the last month or so, where I’ve often had to skip weeks and then do two at once, and even more especially now that I’m back at my part-time garden center job and therefore lose a big chunk of Friday. So #45 seemed to be a good place to leave it. And since I have a tendency to mostly link tutorials, and have been saving them all to my Wists account anyway, anyone who wants to can see what tutorials people have been putting up that I like from the sidebar on here. Maybe one day I’ll go through there and clean up the tags for easier access, but not today. And since I’m on a time crunch (my whole weekend is flute rehearsals and performances, and I only have about an hour and a half before I have to leave!), I’m going to do this list-style. So here’s what I liked this week…

  1. Stamped Tile Coasters from Dollar Store Crafts
  2. The mum pillow at Assorted Notions
  3. Missle Command circle skirt at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
  4. Magazine Reed Box at CraftStylish
  5. Millifiori and Organza Pendant at Polymer Clay Central
  6. Minibooks with faux fabric book tape at The Small Object
  7. Cardboard tube hurricane lamp cover at A Little Hut
  8. Glitzy Garden Globe at Diary of A Crafty Chica
  9. Soda Can Star Lights, also at Diary of a Crafty Chica
  10. How to Scrapbook with Busy Patterned Paper at Creativity Prompt (since I’m a sucker for those busy patterns)
  11. Pleated Hem Sleeve at rostitchery
  12. handmade flower embellishments at the Creating Keepsakes blog

Got a lot of other stuff on my mind– been doing more pondering sewing than actual sewing over the last day or so, since I got the pattern for the dress I’ll be wearing to my brother’s wedding. But I think I’m going to make that a separate post… maybe I’ll go ahead and write that now anyway.


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