Friday Favorites, Episode 44: The Saturday Edition

I really did mean to post this yesterday. But I got caught up in spending the time between work and my church’s Good Friday service catching up on financial stuff/balancing my checkbook, and then it was time to leave for church, and so on. So rather than wait until next week again, I figured I’d just post it a day late.

First up is just a tad bit late for tomorrow, but it still looked neat. had instructions for how to dye eggs with natural products, like onion skins and berries and such. I wonder if it would work on fabric too? (I found this one through Craft Stylish.) For another edible project, I liked the sound of Cheap Healthy Good’s Spaghetti with Asparagus, Egg and Parmesan (or “a mutant freak of deliciousness”, as they called it.) Also from a link from the same site, I found CakeSpy’s post on dessert recipes inspired by classic rock. “John Lemon” bars, anyone? Or perhaps you’re more in the mood for some Rolling Scones?

Via Craftzine, I thought this “cardapult” at Instructables (a toy catapult made from buisness cards!) was really fun! Also at Instructables, they had instructions for how to build a model of the TARDIS from Doctor Who that lights up inside. (I forget which site alerted me to this one– might have also been Craftzine.)

Anyone who’s been following this blog for awhile knows that I am not a knitter/crocheter by any means. Every time I try, the projects are pretty much disasters. Even with machine help. But I still really enjoyed one of this week’s Threadbanger roundups– knit and crochet projects inspired by the good old 8-bit Nintendo! That crocheted Mario blanket is seriously nothing short of amazing. And so is the in-progress scarf that’s intended to show the entire scrolling level 1-1 of the original Mario Bros. game! (Yes, I still love my 8-bit Nintendo!)

Speaking of projects made of fail, the geniuses at Dollar Store Crafts have cooked up a new blog called Craft Fail— basically, to allow people to laugh a bit at themselves (and with the other contributors) when projects don’t go completely as planned. (I think my favorite so far is the soap that ended up looking like spam.)

At, there were instructions for some lovely hand-painted background paper. Looks like it would be really fun to try for stuff like scrapbooking! (I think this one was via One Pretty Thing.)

And last but not least, I thought this “landscape dress” at Wardrobe Refashion was very clever! I really liked how she designed that leaf motif to tie the three different prints together.

On a slightly more personal note, I did do some crafting today– basic resizes of 3 t-shirts for a friend. No pics though, since she was hanging out here when I sewed them and she took them home. She was quite happy about it, though. And also doing some plotting for what might be my next Big Project (after the mini-wardrobe, of course! But those should all be pretty simple pieces to put together, with the exception of the jeans and possibly the dress.) As of yesterday, my brother is engaged, so I’m going to need something to wear to the wedding. It’s going to depend partially on in what capacity I’m actually involved– I’m not going to be a bridesmaid, and I’m not sure yet whether they’ll want me to be one of the musicians or not. (I had guessed not, since flute isn’t my brother’s favorite, but when he and my mom and I were talking about it, he didn’t say no. So that was a bit of a surprise.) And it’s also going to depend partially on where it ends up being– they’re not getting married at our church (he works there, so I think he wanted a break!), she wants an outdoor wedding, and they’re thinking October. Which has the potential to be pretty much anything between warm and sunny or cold and rainy with winds left over from whatever hurricane most recently hit the coast, the way things tend to run here. But based on my initial “research”, I’m kind of leaning towards this dress (the shorter version). I kind of want to treat myself to some really nice fabric for it too. I’m thinking silk, because I’ve never made anything with it, and I think a natural fiber would keep me more comfortable in whatever weather we might end up having. And also contemplating a wrap of some sort, in case of cooler weather. Guess I’d better start looking through this book some, to prepare myself for this sort of project!

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