I caved.

Went to Joann’s after work today to get some fabric glue, and some of those post-bound scrapbook conversion things. Hanging out with Cassie tonight and the plan is, as usual, to watch stuff (tonight, it’s Twilight) and craft. So I’m going to cover some scrapbooks with fabric. And fix the ones where the posts are busted. While there, I saw that they were having basically a 2-for-1 special on those DCWV stacks that are so horrendously tempting for me. And I caved, because of this. It’s cute, it’s recycled, it’s practically perfect for my abundance of outing club-related layouts…. and then for the second one I got this because it was fun and colorful and glittered and screamed summer at me. Bad Becky.

On the plus side, at least I’ll get some of those scrapbook covers knocked off today. Hopefully.

No Friday Favorites today. Since I went back to the garden center and lost a big chunk of my day, and I have a bunch of cleaning to do, no time for a post longer than this. Will try to catch up next week.


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