Now that it’s over…

…I can finally show what all I’ve been working on over the last 6 months or so for my friend’s wedding that was this past Saturday. So I made 3 of the bridesmaids’ shrugs (all but the girl to the left of the bride)….

…sewed on at least half of those little blue beads on her dress (I wish I had a picture of the train, but I’m at the mercy of my friends on photos, since my camera was being completely uncooperative that day and refused THREE sets of rechargeable batteries, one of which being fresh out of the charger!), as well as that insert in the halter top, made 5 sets of the jewelry that the bride was wearing (as well as her mom’s earrings, which can’t be seen)…

…sewed the blue ribbon on the edge of her veil…

…and hemmed the front of her dress shorter so that her blue shoes could be seen. (Cobalt blue is her favorite color and she really wanted it in her outfit!)

Whew! I think that’s everything. So that’s what I’ve been doing nearly every Sunday since October. I’ll admit it was getting kind of stressful near the end, especially since stuff kept coming up that I wasn’t originally supposed to have to do– like the third jacket, and her mom’s earrings. And I really hope I never have to put that much work into one wedding again unless I’m the bride! But I’m still glad I was able to help her out with her day– it gave me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her beforehand, and since she and her new husband are leaving for his home Down Under today and it’ll be at least a couple of years before I see her again, that was definitely a good thing.

Even so, I’m glad I can just focus on making stuff for myself again for awhile!

And some exciting news– Gwen at After the Dress… recently had her 100th post giveaway, and very generously decided to give away a gift certificate to Spoonflower, as well as some help from Etsy designer Miss Black Pepper with making a design for it. And I won!! So now I just need an idea for some custom-printed fabric. I’m thinking it might be cool to do something with sunflowers, since they’re my favorite and it’s hard to find fabric with them that doesn’t look all country or cutesy. So it would be nice to have a sunflower dress in a print more appropriate for a 28-year old instead of an 8- or 48-year old… Must think about this.


8 thoughts on “Now that it’s over…

  1. Wow, really a lot of work, but the blue-and-white wedding outcome was worth it! I love blue and white and I was thinking about making my wedding, if there ever is one, blue and white as well, although I’d go for a different kind of blue for myself.The ribbon hemmed veil looks great!


  2. Beautiful work — several times over! What a lovely color. Congrats on the Spoonflower win! Great idea to print something spring-y, esp. after the winter that’s hit the northern U.S.


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